11 June 2023


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Pizza Hut introduces the Blowout Pizza

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Xtreme blowout pizza

In a world filled with homo sapiens with stories of homo superiors, Pizza Hut brings to us a pizza superior … the 18″ Xtreme blowout pizza!

Pizza Hut's 18” Blowout Pizza
Pizza Hut’s 18” Blowout Pizza

The Pizza Hut blowout pizza is superior in every way … superior in size, superior in quality, superior in price, superior in taste!  And best of all, it is big enough to share with your family and friends.  Think of it as a party pizza.  That’s how I see it. 😀

Imagine, if you will … one VERY BIG pizza with 4 flavors on it … Hawaiian (for those who like pineapples on their pizza), Supreme (their classic flavor), Roast beef (yum, yum!), and Sausage and Bacon (come on!  Who doesn’t love bacon? :D)  With all those flavors in one thick crust, how can you go wrong?  The way they slice it, this pizza cuts up to 12 generous slices.  Personally, though, I would prefer if they cut it in squares or in a spider cut.  That way more people can enjoy all the flavors instead of just 3 slices per flavor.

The Pizza Hut Xtreme Blowout Pizza can be purchased ala carte at P659 or with the Xtreme blowout feast, good for a group of six (6) or more.  At P999, P1,299, and P1,499 these Xtreme blowout feasts are very affordable.  Photos below are taken from the Pizza Hut website.

If you choose to get your Xtreme blowout pizza ala-carte an add-on of just P99 will get you any of the following selections:

  • 2 single servings of spaghetti bolognese
  • 2 piece fried chicken with rice
  • 1 family size slingers (that’s potato slices to the confused)
  • 1.5 liters of Pepsi or Mountain Dew

Movie Tie-in

This unique pizza was created as a tie-in with the upcoming movie from 20th Century Fox, X-Men:  Apocalypse.  Showing here in the Philippines on May 18, 2016, the Xtreme blowout pizza is a great complement to X-Men: Apocalypse.  Here’s a sneak peek of the movie, X-Men: Apocalypse.

Is that all they are offering? A pizza?

The Pizza Hut blowout pizza is already amazing but Pizza Hut elevates their game even more.  What more does Pizza Hut have in store for us?

Xtreme blowout special collectible pizza boxes
Xtreme blowout special collectible pizza boxes

Let’s start with collectible Xtreme blowout pizza boxes.  You read it right … collectible.  These beautifully printed boxes would look good mounted on a wall as posters, don’t you think?

The winners of the 2016 Bb. Pilipinas with Mr. Raymund Nobleza, Marketing Officer-in-Charge for Pizza Hut, Mr. TH Lim, Chief Operating Officer of Pizza Hut, and Mr. Tony Rulloda, Marketing Director of 20th Century Fox holding up the collectible Xtreme blowout pizza boxes.

How about the chance to own your very own limited edition Magneto Helmet.

For the grand prize, a vacation at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada! Click here for more details.

Luxor Hotel
The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Consolation prizes include lotsa lotsa Xtreme blowout pizzas. 🙂

The Xtreme Xperience

PIzza Hut Kia Theater’s Mini X-Men

For the mechanics on how to join click here.

And to add some fun to the experience dine-in customers will have the pleasure of being served in costume by some of the Pizza Hut crew.  Take a selfie with them and post it on Facetube (hyuk!  Inside joke. :D), I mean Facebook. 😀

with Pizza Hut Kia's magneto
Selfie with Ronz aka Magneto and the limited edition Magneto helment

For the presscon we were served by mini versions of Magneto, Psylocke (which she pronounced SKY-LOCK, LOL! I guess she does not really know her character) and a female version of Archangel.

These youngsters are so cute!  The tallest of them (Ronz aka Magneto) barely reached my eyebrows. 😀  At the end of the presscon I managed to take a selfie with him holding the limited edition Magneto helmet. 😀

with mini-xmen
Here we our in our group pic with our mini X-Men.

Pizza Hut Blowout Pizza’s X-Men Apocalypse and Xtreme Las Vegas Adventure promos are valid until June 6, 2016. For more information about Pizza Hut’s Blowout Pizza, the X-Men Apocalypse promotion and the Xtreme Las Vegas Adventure raffle, visit www.pizzahut.com.ph or go to Facebook and “like” www.facebook.com/pizzahutphilippines. You can also follow @PizzaHutPhils on Twitter and Instagram, or simply call 911-1111 (Metro Manila) today!

To fully enjoy this Xtreme promo make sure to watch X-Men: Apocalypse at cinemas near you.



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