Papa John’s better ingredients better pizzas

Papa John’s better ingredients better pizzas

Papa John's U-Mall branch
Papa John’s Pizza University Mall branch. Photo credit to

The first time I heard about Papa John’s was when they opened a branch at the University Mall (U-Mall) on Taft near my place of work and I treated my daughter there for lunch. Sadly, that branch is no longer around but then … good news! There are more branches of Papa John’s Pizza now, and even more are opening soon!

Papa John’s current branches

All over the world there are 4,700 branches. Wow! That’s a lot of branches. In the Philippines alone there are currently 16 branches with more to open very soon. So where are these branches in the Philippines, you may ask? Here’s a map and a list for your convenience.

Some of the pizza markers may not appear at first glance as they are in areas outside of the immediate scope of the map.  However, rest assured they are there.  You just need to either zoom out or drag the map up and down. 😀

Check out the BLUE pizzas.

  1. Antipolo
    1. Emraud Square Plaza
    2. Shell Marcos Highway
  2. Quezon City
    1. Banawe (corner NS Amoranto)
    2. Cubao (20th Avenue)
    3. Tandang Sora (Berkeley Square, Commonwealth Avenue)
    4. Tomas Morato (corner Scout Rallos)
    5. Visayas Avenue
    6. Xavierville (Nueve Uno)
  3. Las Pinas (Dona Nena Business Center Building, Alabang Zapote)
  4. Makati (Jupiter Street)
  5. Mandaluyong (SM Megamall Building A)
  6. Marikina (PACLEB Building, Bayan-Bayanan Avenue)
  7. Paranaque (Don Bosco, Dona Soledad, Better Living Subdivision)
  8. Pasig (Julia Vargas corner Shell C5 Road)
  9. Rizal (Ortigas Extension, Taytay)
  10. San Juan (Wilson Street)

And more branches opening locally are opening soon!

Check out the RED pizzas.

  1. Baclaran (September 21, 2016)
  2. Kalaw (September 21, 2016)
  3. Nangka (September 21, 2016) – 2 branches
  4. Caloocan (October 2016)

Whew!  That’s a lot of branches!  You’re sure to stumble into 1 or 2 branches as you traverse through traffic in Metro Manila. 😀  My favorite branch, though, is the one on Tomas Morato.  Probably because they have more space (multiple floors, people!) but basically, because it’s near where I live, hehe.

Papa John's Tomas Morato
Papa John’s at Tomas Morato corner Scout Rallos Street in Quezon City

Now that you know where to go it’s time to know what you can enjoy while you’re there.

House Specialties

Pizza, pizza, pizza! That’s what Papa John’s is all about.  But there are 6 flavors which they proudly say are their specialties:  All The Meats, Cheesy Bacon Melt, Chicken BBQ, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Super Papa, and Texas Heat.

The last one I tried was the Chicken Bacon Ranch and I really enjoyed it!  Call me weird but I think salad dressing on a pizza is just plain yummy. 😀

Chicken Bacon Ranch ... Papa John's Specialty Pizza
Chicken Bacon Ranch … Papa John’s Specialty Pizza

I could be deluding myself when I say this but … one other reason I like it is because it seems the healthiest choice of the 6. 😀



All Papa John’s Pizzas are served with a side of pepperoncini and garlic butter sauce.  When I first encountered this I was surprised.  That isn’t something that happens in other pizza restaurants.  And these are big peppers, similar to the one used in sinigang.  I love spicy food but even I approached it with caution.

The first time I took a knife and sliced a small piece and bit into it … and it was good!  Spicy yes, but also tart, and crunchy!  Then I tried cutting it up and putting it on my pizza and dribbled some hot sauce … even better!  In the end I just picked up the next one and munched on it like chips. 😀

Now, if you (like I) can munch on a pepperoncini then you are sure to enjoy this.

Pepperoncini Dynamite
Pepperoncini Dynamite

The pepperoncini dynamite!  Ta-daaah!!! You’ve likely eaten many pepperoncini in your life whether you’ve realized it or not. But I assure you, they’re nothing compared to Papa John’s Pepperoncini Dynamite. This goodness is bacon wrapped pepperoncini stuffed with cheese sauce for a melt-in-your-mouth surprise.

Personally, I think everything’s good with bacon. 😀

What’s new at Papa John’s?

A lot!  Let’s see now… There’s

  • chicken popper pizza
  • mexican ole – for those who REALLY like it spicy!
  • pepperoni buffalo
  • fried chicken goodness – which is currently only available at the Jupiter branch
  • vegetable stromboli

Not included in the pics above is the pineapple caramel stromboli, which, incidentally, is not yet available in stores but will be soon.

Does seeing all that food make you hungry? But at the same time does it make you worry about your wallet?  Not to worry!  Papa John’s loves the fact that Filipinos love to eat together and so they have a bunch of promos made especially for groups.

The Promos

I confess, I LOVE promos!  Especially when the whole family comes together at home and everyone wants pizza … promos are there to save the day! 😀  Here are Papa John’s super duper awesome promos.

Grab 2 side items for free

Grab 2 side items for free

Two is better than one! Buy any 14-inch pizza and get 2 sides for free from Friday to Sunday only. Choices for free side items are: 4 glasses of iced tea (dine in only), pepperoncini dynamite, cheese sticks, herbed parmesan breadsticks, single served featured pasta and season wedges.

This promo can only be enjoyed in the store and not for delivery.

Super Duos

Super Duo

Double deal! Get 2 Party Featured Pizzas for only P695.

SINGLE FLAVORS: Cheese Trio, Mexican Ole, Island Spice, Papa’s Deluxe, BBQ Bacon Lovers, Crabmeat Marinara, Pepperoni Buffalo, Bacon Cheeseburger Surprise, Honey Chicken Poppers Pizza.

HALF & HALF: Mexican Ole & Papa’s Deluxe are not available for Dine-In.

Pizza Holiday Mondays

Pizza Holiday MondaysStart your Monday with a bang! Grab our selected regular sized pizza for only P129 every Monday only.

Variants included are Bacon and Cheese, Simply Cheese, Italian Sausage and Cheese Trio. Not available for delivery.

P299 Pizza Party Tuesday

P299 Pizza Party TuesdayCome to our Happy Tuesdays. Experience our freshest pizza ingredients. Selected party sized pizza for only P299 every Tuesday only.

Variants included are: Chicken Bacon Ranch, Texas Heat, Simply Cheese, Garden Special, The Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Cheese Trio, Cheesy Bacon Melt and Cheesy Margherita.

Available for dine-in, take out, and delivery.

At the end of the day, though, I must confess, these are my favorites.

Creamy crab meat pasta
Creamy crab meat pasta
Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

Great food and great company at the #PapaJohnsBloggersNight

A photo posted by Penny Tan (@slvrdlphn) on

Somedays, I just don’t want to think about what I will eat and these two are no brainers. Guaranteed happiness in every bite. 😀

But the best way to enjoy Papa John’s is with fellow foodies. 🙂

Papa John’s Pizza.  Better Ingredients.  Better Pizza.

I think I’m going to hop on over to Papa John’s now.  Doo dee doo …

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