12 July 2024


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Flexitarian Diet: An Easier Approach to Eating Healthy

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Creating a wholesome meal plan could be a struggle for both experienced and new cooks — especially a healthy one! Scrolling through social media for a recipe worth trying could be mind-numbing. Search results for a “healthy meal” would most likely lead to multiple choices of greens, and a drastic change in diet like this could be intimidating for most. Adapting to a flexitarian diet can be an easier approach.

This semi-vegetarian diet increases the consumption of plant or plant-based foods and beverages, along with smaller meat portions. Veega provides delicious and protein-rich options such as Veega Meat-Free Nuggets and Veega Meat-Free Burger Patty — dishes that even kids will enjoy. This is also perfect for the Lenten season.

Elevate your meals with Veega — mmmeaty without the meat! Check out a variety of recipes in Home Foodie and get to shop conveniently from San Miguel Mart.

Veega Meat Free products are good to cook as is, but if you want to find other ways to cook them, here are some samples.

Veega Burger Pizza

Veega Nuggets with Cheesy Sriracha Dip and Garlic Mayo Dip

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