30 May 2024


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Sharing Beatrice by Alexis Dee

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I discovered Sharing Beatrice by Alexis Dee by accident when I was randomly adding books to my bookshelf on iReader. I was intrigued because the book opens with Beatrice being humiliated by her mate, Alpha Flynn. What?!? This wasn’t just chapter 1, this was page 1!

This got me curious to see 1) how this would play out and 2) who is he supposedly sharing her with. From the cover art, it is safe to assume there will be three additional men. Boy, was I wrong. It turns out four men would be entering her life. That brings her mate count to five!

Akin, Helel, Zane, and Maddox are the Alpha Kings and sons of Alpha Lord Vazquez. Each son has a very unique personality that make each one stand out. Beatrice is a shy, introverted girl with an insane fear of sleeping alone at night.

On the day that Beatrice gets rejected by Flynn, she finds out that she and her mom were moving to live with Lord Vazquez who has chosen her mom, Scarlet, as his mate. When the parents leave for a trip Beatrice is forced to approach the brothers one by one to ask them to sleep with her (literally, not metaphorically) so that she will not get nightmares.

Long story short, they discover they are all mated to her but rather than treat her well, they were disparaging and hurtful and treated her like nothing more than a sex doll. I was mad at her for being so spineless and looked forward to the pages when she would grow a backbone. Sharing Beatrice by Alexis Dee is an interesting story despite the many incorrect word usage to be found. As the book progressed, there were fewer, though. I do not know if it is completed yet or not but so far you can read it on iReader.

More story than sex, which makes it interesting and not smutty.

To be honest, the copy editor in me is really irritated by all the errors in this book: homonyms, completely wrong terms used, and worse, when the author can’t keep track of who is talking and what to call them. For example … she is referring to one of the guys and then she calls him “stepmother”. This is not an insurmountable problem. I hope that the author hires a copy editor to go over the story before deciding the publish.

The story has a lot of potential but the multitude of errors makes my teeth hurt.

This story is still ongoing on iReader. Download the app and read Sharing Beatrice by Alexis Dee on your tablet or phone.

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