25 February 2024


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Pacey and his Unicorn Professor by Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart

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Compared to other books I’ve read from these authors, Pacey and his Unicorn Professor by Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart is more chill. The most hair-raising/stressful thing happened in the first chapter and only Pacey was in it. Their first meeting was admittedly high adrenalin but after that everything was more or less smooth sailing.

The title misled me at first because I had the impression that Pacey was a student and Sable was his professor. It turns out that Sable is a professor in a community college, yes, and is Pacey’s “his anything” by virtue of being his mate. A better title would probably have been Pacey and THE Unicorn Professor. I confess to being a little disappointed only because I thought there would be a little taboo thrown in there to spice things up.

I also felt a little incomplete by some characters being mentioned, like Stallone, for example, and nothing more is said about him except “family friend”. Up to the end Sable never introduced him to Pacey. We also never met Sable’s brother or found out his name. Bowell is a shifter midwife but aside from the initial checkup, he had no part in the birthing, so what was he “midwifing”?

According to https://www.pregnancybirthbaby.org.au: A midwife is a health professional trained to support and care for women during pregnancy, labor, and birth. They help you to stay healthy during pregnancy and, if no complications arise, to give birth with little intervention. Midwives also care for you and your baby in the first few weeks following the birth.

Therefore, should Bowell be even called a midwife? Why not just call him a healer? This also brings to mind Stedman, the bear shifter who, besides helping Pacey clean his house in anticipation of his return, is also a healer, or I guess an apothecary. So confusing.

That aside, it’s a HEA story so if light reading is what you are after then Pacey and his Unicorn Professor by Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart is a good book to get into. It’s on Amazon for $3.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited. If you are into paperbacks, that is available, too!

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