6 February 2023


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Home Foodie Live Series: Kids Kitchen Camp

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Let your little Home Foodie master chefs enjoy a hands-on Facebook cooking & baking session. Resident Home Foodie chefs will do a live learning session of 5 scrumptious, kid-friendly recipes.

Home Foodie will post a collage of all participants who joined, so don’t forget to take a selfie while cooking!

Click going in the Home Foodie FB event page to confirm your attendance and be updated on this online event on April 28, 2:00 PM (GMT+8): bit.ly/HFKKC!

Don’t forget to read the guidelines, the waiver, and the recipes! #homefoodieph

Before the live session:

    1. Read the recipes and the tools/equipment list in advance.
    2. Prepare the purchase list and buy ingredients ahead of time.
    3. An adult should help in the preparation.
    4. Prepare the needed ingredients and materials before the session.  Make use of the time as a pre-bonding session with the kids participating.
    5. Make sure the tools and equipment are working and clean.
    6. Arrange needed tools by recipe unless it is a common tool.
    7. Pre-measure the ingredients in advance.
    8. Some notes on the ingredients that need to be pre-measured:
      1. A bar of Magnolia Cream Cheese is considered as 1 cup so for a 1/2 cup requirement, just cut the product in half.
      2. Use measuring spoons, solid measuring cups for dry ingredients (marshmallows, breadcrumbs, Magnolia All-Purpose Flour, sugar), and a liquid measuring cup or glass for liquid ingredients (Pure Oil, Cookbest, Golden Fry, corn syrup, water).
      3. Use a spatula to level when measuring solid ingredients.  For liquid ingredients, place measuring cup or glass on a flat surface and read at eye level … you will see two lines, use the lower line as the basis for the amount.
      4. A coarse or fine grater for Magnolia Quickmelt Cheese is okay to use.
      5. The size of the Magnolia brown egg should be medium or large.
      6. The needed pasta should be cooked in advance.  Follow package instructions.
    9. Slicing/cutting of ingredients will be done live so that everyone understands how it should be done.
    10. Have pot holders/cooking mitts and aprons ready for protection.
    11. Have a first aid kit ready in case unforeseen cuts or burns happen.
    12. Read the Waiver and Release of Liability Clause below.  Home Foodie assumes the authorized guardian/parent has agreed with the waiver and release of liability if the participant joins the activity.
    13. For questions and clarification, please leave a comment at bit.ly/HFKKC.

During the live session:

  1. An adult should be around to supervise.
  2. For cutting/slicing, either the adults will do this part or have the kids use a plastic knife.
  3. Kids must wear aprons and long hair should be tied.
  4. Kids must wash their hands well with soap and water before, during, and after food preparation.
  5. Kids whose height is at least waist-level above the stovetop/burner can be allowed to do the cooking, subject to adult consent and supervision.
  6. Separate tools used for raw and cooked items.
  7. When frying, gently put in the food item to be fried.  Do not throw in the pan with the hot oil to prevent burns and fires from happening.
  8. Cooked items should never come in contact with raw items. Keep these separate.
  9. Cooked food, if not cooled and stored immediately, should be consumed within four hours.
  10. Store leftover cooked items and no-bake dessert in covered containers in the chiller.  Cookies must be kept in tight containers.
  11. Cooked items must be consumed in three days.
  12. Participants with finger cut/injury should have their wounds covered in a bandage and use disposable gloves during the session to prevent potential food safety issues.
  13. We will try to answer questions as much as we can during the live session given the number of participants.  To save time, it is best to read the recipes and materials needed and review the guidelines in advance.

Waiver and Release of Liability

Please read this waiver and release of liability

In connection with my and my child’s participation in the Kids Kitchen Camp Home Foodie Live Series (the “Activity”), I hereby waive, hold harmless, release and discharge San Miguel Foods, Inc., its affiliates and personnel, from any and all liability for our death, disability, personal injury, property damage, or incident of any kind that may occur to us as a result of our acts or omissions during the Activity.

I recognize that various photographs, video recordings, and other media, will be taken during the Activity.  I agree to grant San Miguel Foods, Inc. and its affiliates full permission to use our photographs, video recordings, or other media of the Activity that contain our likeness for any legitimate purpose.

I agree to assume sole liability for any damage we may suffer or incur as a result of our participation in the Activity as above provided.

I hereby declare that I have read and fully understood this Waiver and Release of Liability Form in its entirety and that, by participating in the Activity, I agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein.

Recipes for the kids and parents to do during the event

Here are the recipes that will be executed in the event.  Don’t forget to review them ahead of time and make sure you have all the ingredients.

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