25 February 2024


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Four Tattoos by Stephanie Brother

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There is just something about well-executed body art that is so darned sexy, and the grumpy men of Brothers in Ink in Four Tattoos by Stephanie Brother are prime examples.

The female lead character is Rose, a beautiful woman in her 20s who works in Island Java (a coffee shop owned by her brother) by day and at the front desk of Club Red (a male revue club) at night. She meets her men for the first time when she delivers coffee to their shop.

Mace, Zipper, Christian, and Hutch are the owners and tattoo artists behind Brothers in Ink. They bonded while in the army and have been as close as brothers since.

From the moment Rose meets the four she found herself inexplicably drawn to them and at the same time confused at how she can be attracted to all of them at the same time. Despite Christian’s and Zipper’s initial grumpiness, it didn’t detract from their appeal. She was excited for their next coffee delivery order so that she could see them again.

Christian, Hutch, Mace, and Zipper usually have different preferences when it comes to the women they date or sleep with. However, in this instance they found themselves unanimous in their desire for Rose. This was not the first time they have found themselves all attracted to the same woman. They had a polyamorous relationship in the past that did not end well. Nevertheless, this did not deter them from deciding to pursue Rose together. It’s a good thing they did or we wouldn’t have this story, lol!

I was bothered by the fact that she was keeping them as her “dirty little secret”. I understand her hesitation in saying anything to her brother Patrick and his fiancé, Nancy. I had hoped, though, she would have told someone in Club Red, like Brittany. She would definitely understand Rose’s situation, as would the the owners of Club Red and some of the dancers and Duke.

When it comes to their intimate moments, despite there being four of them, the men mostly tend to give each other one-on-one time despite all being in the same room. So, smut level is dialed down but still leaves room for my imagination to run wild. I thought that was actually sweet because it meant that Rose had the opportunity to really connect with each man and it didn’t read like a gang bang.

If you like age gap romances, tattoo artists, and grumpy men (in general) then you will enjoy. Four Tattoos by Stephanie Brother. You can get a copy of this story in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited. 🙂

Eager to know what else happens to Rose, Christian, Hutch, Mace, and Zipper? Check out the bonus chapter HERE.

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