23 June 2024


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Cloud 9 by Stephanie Brother

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I eagerly awaited the release of Cloud 9 by Stephanie Brother and when it finally did happen I dropped whatever else I was reading and basically inhaled this story, lol! I knew good things were coming Dawn’s way when we met her in Inked 8 and I was super glad to see it finally happen.

From the moment she got YOLO tattooed over her ass I just HAD to find out the story. What is behind her carefree attitude? What secrets hide behind her smile? All gets revealed in Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 is three things … the name of the bar managed by 9 friends, the 9 aforementioned amazing men (Lachlan, Logan, Thomas, Cooper, Bradley, Bryce, Mitchell, Jared, and Joshua) and the heights of passion these men bring Dawn to everytime she is intimate with any one, two, or all of them.

Dawn gets an international smorgasbord when she decides to hook up with Cloud 9 … a Scot, Londoners, Texans, and Aussies. The only continents not represented are Asia and Africa. 😀 But this story is not just about all the sex Dawn is having. Besides personal challenges there are also relationship and business challenges for Dawn and her men to face.

As I read the one question stuck in my head was … what the hell is wrong with DAWN?!? The way she was avoiding her dad and how she determinedly pastes as smile on her face tells me there is something there. Thank God for friends like Kyla and men like Cloud 9.

If you want to read this wonderful story, Cloud 9 by Stephanie Brother is available on Amazon for $2.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited. Don’t forget to read the bonus content on stephaniebrotherbooks.com.

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