12 July 2024


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Cleaning house

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I do online house-keeping for something different to do. :)

As a seasoned blogger I often find the urge to “clean house”.  What this means, in essense, is I go over my old blogposts and see what I could improve the SEO on, what needs more pictures, what needs to be hidden because I found (in hindsight) that I did not like what or how I wrote.

Well, in addition to that I also had to go through losing my entire website early last year in a blink with no warning and no backup, not even with my hosting provider.  Talk about frutrating!

At present I have about 52 pages of posts and only 7 of those are the ones that I feel are ok to display at present.  The remaining pages need to be reviewed as most of them have a lot of missing content.  Thankfully there is this thing called the WAYBACK MACHINE that was able to archive my site a few times so I will be able to slowly recover my site.  They only started to do so in 2012 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my posts from the 90s were part of the 2012 archive.  That was a LOT of memories lost!

In the meantime, I am putting all posts from page 8 onwards in drafts mode.  I will try to remember to prevent my wordpress app from sharing on social network each and every single old post.  But in the event that it does happen, at least you know it is because I am cleaning house. 😀

cleaning the houseI used to be on Windows so I guess I have to clean those, too. :P  Cleaning house is tedious but could be fun … especially if you encounter some fun memories along the way. :D

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