25 September 2023


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What is the difference between blankets, quilts, duvets, and comforters?

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Unless you occasionally check-in to 3 to 5-star hotels, you probably don’t encounter different kinds of bed linen besides the usual – fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, and blanket – and even then, most people don’t even use the flat sheet … or use the flat sheet as a blanket.

What is the purpose of a flat sheet?

A flat sheet is also known as a top sheet.  When making a bed, the flat sheet is placed over the fitted sheet and under the blanket.  I know of some people who think that the flat sheet is a blanket, but it actually serves a different purpose.  This is so that any oils or sweat from our body will rub off on the flat sheet instead of the blanket.  Blankets are thicker than flat sheets so it takes longer to dry.  Having a flat sheet under a blanket means that we will not have to wash the blanket as often.

In the Philippines where the weather is generally mild and temperate, there is usually no need for a thick blanket.  But as the nights get chilly in one blanket does not seem to be enough. I ask myself, do I use two blankets or do I grab the comforter from the linen closet?


blanketWhether it is warm or cold most people usually have a blanket on their bed.  “Blanket” is an umbrella term commonly used to refer to any cloth covering the top of the bed and used for warmth.  Specifically, a blanket is a single piece of cloth (often) made of cotton, wool, or fleece.

The blanket is a symbol of comfort and security, hence the idiom security blanket.  Besides warmth, a blanket is also often used as a cover-up, and for modesty.  Personally, I cannot sleep without a blanket covering my hips at the very least.  Growing up there would be times when my mom would come into my room just to pull the blanket over my legs and higher up my body and shortly after, my legs would stick out again and I would push the blanket down to my waist. 😀

Despite the warmth, my favorite type of blanket is a plush blanket, which is often made of fleece or polyester.  The softer it is, the more peaceful my sleep is as well.


Family Home Microfibre Quilt

In simple terms, a quilt is a type of bedding made of 3 layers of cloth – top cloth, batting or wadding (a soft, spongy cloth), and a bottom cloth.  The batting could be made of microfibre, wool, fleece, or polyester.  The 3 layers are sewn together, not just on the sides but through, often in an ornate pattern but can be sewn in a grid.

Quilts connote nostalgia and tradition.  In the past, quilts were made by hand by piecing together scraps of cloth of different types of fabric and color.  It was a family activity and a skill passed down from mother to child.  They were works of art and labors of love.

The quilts we use today no longer use cloth scraps but are still made by sewing three cloths together.  The bottom and top cloths are often different types of cloth.  As most quilts have a more eyecatching design, it is perfect to use as a bed topper or thrown across the back of a sofa as a design element for that “rustic look”.


Family Home Emmental Duvet Cover

In appearance, it would be easy to mistake a duvet for a blanket or even a quilt.  Simply put, a duvet is two pieces of cloth sewn together and then stuffed with a soft filling like down, wool, cotton, microfibre, or polyester.  Some duvets come with a zipper, pocket, or slit – this makes it easy for us to wash the duvet and wash and change the stuffing.

Duvets can be cool or warm, depending on what you stuff them with so it is a good replacement for a blanket, a quilt, or even a comforter.  No stuffing? Boom, it’s a blanket!  Lots of stuffing?  Boom, it’s a comforter. 🙂

I once bought a bedding set that had a duvet and didn’t know what to do with it.  It was square and large and appeared to be a very large pillowcase as it was double layered and had a pocket and flap.  I’ve been stuffing it with an old blanket I would normally have thrown away but now I use it as a duvet filler.  Yey for repurposing!


Family Home Naturel Comforter
Family Home Naturel Comforter

Comforters and quilts are often interchangeable as there is barely any difference between the two.  Comforters, like quilts, are made with 3 layers – top cloth, batting, and bottom cloth.  So what makes them different?

  1. The top and bottom cloth of comforters are made of identical materials.
  2. Just like quilts, comforters are also sewn through and on the sides in a grid pattern.
  3. Comforters are fluffier and have a cloud-like feel, and are, therefore, warmer.
  4. Comforters can be used on their own, without a blanket.

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