Maxicare president & CEO Christian Argos and Manila Doctors Hospital president Elizabeth Dantes

Top executives of Manila Doctors Hospital and Maxicare Healthcare Corporation recently gathered together at the 2nd floor of Manila Doctors in Ermita, Manila to inaugurate the newest Maxicare HealthHub, a one-stop health hub that utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the process of going for a medical consultation.

Maxicare Manila Doctors HealthHub
The new Maxicare HealthHub at the Manila Doctors Hospital offers members a convenient and time-saving way of getting their LOA (letter of authorization) and has a fully digitized system to manage patient queueing and gather initial vital signs quickly and accurately.

The Maxicare health pod offers members a convenient and time-saving way of getting their LOA (letter of authorization). It is a fully automated system that manages patient queuing and makes the gathering of initial vital signs quick, accurate and hassle-free.

A new-generation of self-service, the Maxicare HealthHub is an HMO-owned healthcare system especially designed for members to access their benefits in a most relaxing and convenient way.

Leading the inauguration were Maxicare president & CEO Christian Argos, medical vice president and medical director Erlinda Tiuseco, vice president for marketing Artemio Rillo, vice president for operations Sylvia Stolk, customer experience consultant Rihard Vanags, and Manila Doctors Hospital president Elizabeth Dantes, vice president and assistant medical director Dr. Nelson Abelardo, first vice president and hospital director Dr. Hian Ho N. Kua.

The Maxicare HealthHub is located on the 2nd floor of Manila Doctors Hospital in Ermita, Manila. Drop by anytime between 8 AM to 5 PM.

maxicare logoMaxicare Healthcare Corporation:

One of the pioneers in the health maintenance organization (HMO) industry was established in 1987 by an esteemed group of doctors and businessmen with the vision to deliver a better healthcare system.

Three decades later, Maxicare has progressed into becoming the No. 1 HMO* in the country, continuously providing comprehensive healthcare programs via its wide network of medical providers and strengthened customer support.

Maxicare has:

  • more than 1.2 Million Members,
  • more than 56,000 affiliated Doctors,
  • more than 1,000 affiliated Hospitals and Clinics,
  • 3,800 Dental providers,
  • 8 Primary Care Centers and 13 Helpdesks,
  • 9 Satellite Offices,
  • 5 Exclusive Wings.
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