The Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019 is launched

The Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019 is launched

AYDAPH2019 Architecture and Interior Design studentsIf you are currently enrolled in Architecture or Interior Design and in your 3rd year or higher you are probably looking for a good internship right about now.  Expand your options and join The Nippon Paint Asia Young Designer Award Philippines 2019 (AYDAPH2019).

Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019 is a national design competition where Architecture and Interior Design students are challenged to design living spaces, buildings, recreation areas, etc. based on the theme for the current year.  This year’s theme is FORWARD: A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

AYDAPH2019 Theme

AYDAPH2019 Theme ... Forward A Sustainable Future

With the theme Forward: A Sustainable Future, participants are expected to come up with a design that embraces the concept of sustainability in an ever-changing world that would have a positive impact on an individual and in society.  To guide all participants on what they are supposed to do the entry kit and color chips are provided on the official website,  You may also click on the images below to download them.

AYDAPH2019 entry kit
color chips
Last year’s theme also centered on sustainability and innovation and the winners all received amazing prizes.  This year promises more of the same with trophies, cash prizes, and internship opportunities up for grabs with some of their industry partners.


JSLA Architects

Santa Fe Interior Architecture Sdn Bhd

The Media Launch

The media launch of Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019 was held on July 24, 2019 at the Hotel Jen by Shangri-La on Roxas Boulevard with Cara Eriguel as host.

Cara Eriguel - actress, TV and events host, radio DJ
Cara Eriguel – actress, TV and events host, radio DJ

Cara warmly welcomed all attendees to this event, Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019, which officially kickstarted the competition.  Attendees were composed of college/university deans and program chairs, representatives of partner organizations and companies, and members of the press (bloggers and traditional media).

Some of the judges for this national competition were present at the event and were invited onstage and introduced.  They also took some time to answer questions from the audience.

AYDAPH2019 judges
From left to right: Ar. Rene Richie Corcuera (Executive Director, UAP), IDr. Wilfrid Nicholo Magcase (Principal Designer, WM Magcase Design), Ar. Ana Mangalino-Ling (JSLA Architects Partner and Associate), and Michael Francisco (Nippon Paint General Manager)
AYDAPH2019 judges
From left to right: IDr. Ivy Almario (Founder, Atelier Almario), Cynthia Almario (Founder, Atelier Almario), IDr. Wilfrid Nicholo Magcase (Principal Designer, WM Magcase Design), and IDr. Cara Marcelo (Founder, CMM Interior Design and Consultancy)

My personal thoughts

I am neither a student nor a graduate of Architecture or Interior Design but I  find myself quite excited about this event. Since this competition is primarily sponsored by Nippon Paint I am definitely expecting designs that are colorful, yet tasteful.

With the problems of climate change and overpopulation and the depletion of natural resources I couldn’t help but turn to our bright, young minds to see if maybe they can come up with a feasible, innovative solution that is sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and an acceptable change that people will not have any issues adapting the design into their own living spaces, places of work, etc.

Project Noah
Project Noah, winning design of Ma. Rebecca Plaza, AYDAPH2017 gold award winner

As I dug through archives on the internet I came upon this article on The Philippine Star about Ma. Rebecca Plaza, AYDAPH2017 gold award winner in the Architecture category and I was in awe. Change for the better is possible, change is here.  Her idea to use engineered bamboo for the exterior of the building is just innovative!  According to her, bamboo has the tensile strength of steel and the compressive strength of concrete.  With that in mind I can’t help but wonder why aren’t all modern local structures not made of this material?

And that is just ONE example of the ideas these kids come up with.  Every year, 10 finalists per category are chosen out of the thousands who join.  This means that every year, the judges are able to identify 20 incredibly talented students with the potential to change the world one establishment at a time.  Amazing!

What can the winners and finalists expect?

Getting a good education nowadays is anything but cheap.  From tuition to books and materials, to uniforms, etc.  the list just goes on.  As the enrollment for the new term approaches, students and parents alike often stress about whether they would have enough money.

Michael Francisco, Nippon Paint General Manager
Michael Francisco, Nippon Paint General Manager

Winning this competition or even just making it into the finals is one possible way of providing a solution to that ongoing worry.  According to Mr. Michael Francisco, General Manager of Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, winners and finalists can expect to receive the following:

  • Gold award (1st place) winners will receive P50,000 cash plus an internship opportunity and will compete in the International Competition of the Asia Young Designer Award in 2020.
  • Silver award (2nd place) winners will receive P30,000 cash plus an internship opportunity
  • 3rd to 10th place winners will each receive P10,000 cash

Special awards are also given to the finalists in addition to the above:

  • P5,000 cash for Best Green Innovation
  • P5,000 cash for Best Color Choice
  • P10,000 cash for People’s Choice Award

The mentor and the college/university of the winner will also receive an award.  In my opinion, this serves as an incentive for them to be more involved in the progress of their students that decided to enter the competition.

  • P10,000 cash will go to the mentor of the gold award recipient
  • P10,000 cash plus P10,000 in paint vouchers will go to the Best College/University
  • P10,000 cash plus P10,000 in paint vouchers will go to the Best Supporting College/University

Design pointers for the competition

According to the official Facebook page of Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019, the designs submitted are expected to do the following:

  1. Bring positive impact on environmental issues
  2. Infuse new values into the social and cultural context
  3. Enhance better community living and lifestyle
  4. Encourage progressive growth and development in a city 

How they will do that is something that, I guess we will discover in the coming months and I, for one, am excited to see what they can come up with.

Will it be something for the home?  Maybe a community center of some sort?  Or will it be something for our pets and rescue animals?  As someone who has grown up with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, and turtles I can tell you right now that I would be very interested in something designed for pets, such as a community play area, for example. 🙂

judges with nippon paint

Here is an overview of Nippon Paint AYDAPH2019 in an AVP that was shown at the media launch.


And with that the Nippon Paint Asia Young Designer Award Philippines 2019 commences!  For more information about this AYDAPH2019 please visit the official website at and follow these social media accounts:

Social media followers that join the bi-monthly trivia contest will get a chance to receive a special gift prize from Nippon Paint so do follow those accounts and join the trivia contest, too!

Don’t forget, when posting or reposting anything about this competition/event please use the official hashtags #nipponpaintph and #aydaph2019

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