Platinum Karaoke Kantahan 2018

Platinum Karaoke Kantahan 2018

Mga Ka-Platinum Kantahan Year na dahil ilang tulog na lang bago ang #PlatinumKaraokeKantahan2018! Don’t miss the chance to see the first event of Maine and Alden this 2018! Just buy Platinum Karaoke Junior 2 for only P3,999 at makipagkantahan na with them this coming January 25! But wait there’s more!

Platinum Karaoke Kantahan 2018You also have the chance to be the ONE LUCKY WINNER na mag-uuwi ng Grand Prize na iPhoneX, The all new Platinum Karaoke Cello with 2 wireless mic and an Outdoor Speaker worth 120K!

Oops! If you didn’t get the chance to win the Grand Prize may chance ka pa maiuwi ang 2nd Prize na Oppo F5 and The all new Platinum Karaoke Cello! Kaya naman Ka-Platinum magpapahuli ka ba? Get your Platinum Karaoke Junior 2 now at Kitakits!

#PlatinumKaraoke #Ikantamoyan #BringMusicToYourLife

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