10 June 2023


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Yoshimeatsu is perfect for sharing

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Yoshi-meat-su, a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant in Quezon City

Yoshi-Meat-Su Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato In the past several months most groups enjoy eating out at places that serve food that are perfect for sharing.  The mst popular trend is to go to places that serve Korean barbeque at a reasonable price.  Just a month ago I reviewed one such place.  Today I am posting my review of Yoshimeatsu, a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant located on Tomas Morato at the corner of Scout Fernandez, Barangay Sacred Heart, in Quezon City.

A couple of days ago, a few bloggers got together to try this restaurant at the invitation of Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas.


Most of us were familiar with korean barbeque restaurants so there was no need to show us how to use the equipment or prepare the food.  So the question was … what makes Yoshimeatsu different from other unlimited Korean barbeque restaurants in town?

korean-japanese fusion

Grilling selection


yoshimeatsu menu

Yoshimeatsu offers more grilling options than others I have been to.  One place I’ve been to offers a different just pork as it’s least expensive option, then chicken and pork as it’s second, and chicken, pork, and beef at its most expensive.

Yoshimeatsu  offers all that (pork, beef, chicken, PLUS tofu, wiener sausages, and seafood cheeseballs) for the same price.


H1, H2, and H4 are the same as what you would find at other Korean barbeque restaurants.  H1 (herbed pork) is basically a pork steak that is seasoned with salt and pepper.  I honestly do not know what herb they used to season it but it is delicious. 😀

H2 (spicy sliced pork bouquet) is pork cut bacon style but seasoned in salt and pepper.  My palate might be desensitized, though, because I really didn’t taste any spice.

H4 (Yangnyeom pork) is pork cut sukiyaki style (which means superthin) and is marinated in a special sauce.

pork selection at yoshimeatsu

Other restaurants offer the same number of choices but most do not offer my all time favorite isaw!  Tagged as H3 in their menu this one dish that my family is wont to order from our corner barbeque vendor very often.  Only the cholesterol conscious is wary of it but even they would try it out once in a while.  They even serve this with a vinegar sauce on the side.


The beef selection at Yoshimeatsu is not as extensive as some places I have been to but what they lack in selection they make up in flavor.

beef selection at yoshimeatsu

G1 (sliced beef) is just that … sliced.  No salt, no pepper, just the meat, which is perfect for those who want to season their meat themselves.  That is what condiments are for. 😀

G2 (sliced beef with curry sauce) is for those who want a little more spice to their beef.  Because it is curry it has that tang of cumin and turmeric that is reminiscent of Indian cuisine.

G3 (spicy beef yakinuku) is flavorful and the spice is just a hint so people who would usually not like spicy food will be able to enjoy this.

G4 (sliced fatty beef yakiniku) is sliced sukiyaki style and premarinated in yakiniku sauce. It makes this meat dish similar to bulgogi but is not as sweet.

premium grillingFor those with a bigger budget and are eager to try something different you can also choose from the ala carte premium grilling options.  If you are eager for ox tongue, sirloin steak, prime meat, or the ultimate wagyu beef then this is the menu for you.

One of these days (if the budget permits) I am eager to try the Royale Hida Wagyu Set.  All I will need is a windfall. 🙂


chicken selection at yoshimeatsuI will be honest, I didn’t really try this but it is good to at least have the option.

I don’t eat liver so C1 didn’t appeal to me.  At a guess C2 is made from chicken breast and I don’t usually eat chicken breast because I find it too dry.  I am more of a chicken thigh person myself.  But don’t take my word for it!  If you love chicken (any part!) then try this yourself.


I called this section OTHERS because they don’t really fall under pork, chicken, or beef.

other selections at yoshimeatsu

F1 (sakana tofu) is tofu (soy) so vegans have an option.  However, you may not want to cook your F1 with your carnivore friends or it would defeat the purpose. 😀

F2 (wiener sausage) is pork? chicken? beef? The meat is a mystery, it might be a composite of all three. 😀

F3 (seafood cheese ball) is squidballs with cheese inside.  Yummy!  I often order this when we eat at Shabu-shabu restaurants.

Side dishes

Again I could not help but compare.  Some I’ve been to offer just 3 or 4, another offers 8, but perhaps because of the fusion with Japanese cuisine, this restaurant offers THIRTEEN (13)!

R4 (lettuce) not included in the pic below but is always immediately served. R3 (cheese) and S2 (seasoned egg) are also served immediately and is already on the table when customers are brought to the table.

side dish selection at yoshimeatsuMy personal favorites are M3 (spicy tuna), M2 (california maki), and R1 (gohan, plain rice).

Ordering system

Their ordering system is probably the most unique feature of Yoshimeatsu.  Rather than trying desperately to catch the attention of the server just to give them your next order, Yoshimeatsu has this.

Yoshimeatsu ordering system

On every table is installed a tablet on a stand.  On this tablet you just tap your choices then click SEND.  This will send the order to the kitchen and just moments later (depending on how many customers are being served) your order will be brought to you.

So far this ordering system is good.  They only failed us once when they failed to deliver our order of S1, S3, and M3. 🙁


Definitely there are others that are less expensive.  From now until the end of the year (December 31, 2018) their unlimited yakiniku costs P549 (tax included). Thereafter the price will be P899 (tax included) unless they announce otherwise.

As per one of the owners, since the current price is already discounted, Senior Citizen and PWD discounts do not apply except on drinks and ala carte dishes. I found this strange because in most places, they would honor senior citizen and PWD discounts even for set meals and promo meals.

That aside, though, P549 is a reasonable price for this much food.  Keep in mind that the minimum number to eat here is two because, like I said in the beginning, their food is for sharing. 🙂

Meal ender

Don’t forget to end your meal with their special soft serve ice cream.  The flavor changes from day to day as they make it in-house.  Don’t forget to ask your server what flavor is available for the day.  So far I have tried vanilla, chocolate, stawberry, and taro.

Yoshimeatsu store frontThe next time you and your family and friends are looking for a good place to eat in Quezon City, keep Yoshimeatsu in mind.  You won’t regret it and you will surely enjoy it. :)

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