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V My Beauty Deer Placenta+: Stem Cell Therapy in a Bottle

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Madonna and Mike Tyson

We hear about celebrities and politicians who have been undergoing stem cell therapy to keep themselves youthful and healthy – people like Madonna and Mike Tyson, just to name a couple you may know. In the Philippines, local politicians like former President Joseph Estrada, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile have all admitted to undergoing stem cell therapy themselves.

For regular Joes and Janes stem cell therapy is nothing more than a pipe dream as it is quite expensive and most of us do not have millions just lying around to spend, even if it is for our health and wellness. Besides the rich and famous, who else has that much money to spare, right?

Stem Cell Therapy made more affordable

Stem cell therapy is usually administered through an intravenous (IV) drip, intrathecal (directly through the spinal cord, or via injections.  In recent years, research has provided an option for the oral delivery of stem cells. This method has made stem cell therapy more acceptable to most people, as it could be self-administered and does not require hospitalization.

The newest player in oral stem cell supplements is V My Beauty Deer Placenta+. It is classified as a food supplement, not medicine, so is deemed safe for daily consumption. Add to that, it is FDA approved! One bottle contains 20 capsules. If taken for medicinal purposes one bottle is good for 15 days.  If the purpose is as a supplement, like vitamins, one bottle would be sufficient for 1 month (30 days).

How did V My Beauty Deer Placenta+ come about?

V My Beauty Deer Placenta+ is named after the wife of one of the company’s proponents, Vivienne. The creation of this product stemmed from an urge to provide a possible cure or relief from the illness that Vivienne’s father was suffering from. At the same, he was starting to feel rundown. Having heard of the restorative powers of stem cells, he decided to try it himself. In less than a month’s time, he noticed changes in his body. He felt stronger, was more vigorous, and had more energy throughout the day. This affirmed his resolve to mass-produce this product and share its curative effects with other people.

V My Beauty Deer Placenta+ is officially launched!

On May 26, 2022, V My Beauty Deer Placenta+ was officially launched at La Reve in Quezon City. It was a swanky event with men and women dressed to the nines. Led by a youthful group of gentlemen who represent the top brass of the company, this event brought together all the people involved in the promotion and sales of V My Beauty Deer Placenta+.

Where can I find V My Beauty Deer Placenta+?

The proponents of V My Beauty Deer Placenta+ all share a background in multi-level marketing. In their many years in this business model, they’ve decided that this is what will work in distributing and promoting this product.

Becoming a distributor is easy. Purchase the first bottle at full price and you are already a distributor.  After that, every purchase you make comes at a substantial discount.  This, of course, translates to great income for every sale that you make.

V My Beauty Deer Placenta+ is not available in popular drugstores. Instead, you can purchase it from authorized distributors or from their official Facebook page.


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