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The Colorful Mark of a True Industry Leader

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Left to Right: Local Business Line Manager - DKSH Phils, Inc and PAPM Secretary General- Mr. Diosdado Cheng President: Fedchem Manufacturing & Distribution Inc./ Vice President: Mayon Industrial Corporation and President: Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers Inc. : President Charlie Kwa CEO and Founder of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. and Construction Chemical Specialist - Mr. Derrick Tan Chief of Finance of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. - Ms. Sabrina Tan

Filipinos remember Sinclair for its infamous advertisement in the 80s and 90s that inspired more people to make home improvements by themselves. The term do-it-yourself or DIY became synonymous with the brand’s catchphrase “Sinclair it!” that established the brand as a household name over the past decades.

Over the past years, Sinclair remains true to its vision of providing premium quality paint products for millions of families and establishments around the world. With the rise of technological advancements and as the market for construction development remains competitive, Sinclair is marking its return to the local market with a broader and more advanced selection of products that provide beauty, durability, affordability, and eco-friendly solution suit for every Pinoy home.

The New Generation of Sinclair

With the reopening of the local market, Sinclair’s timely return will fire up the local competition with its latest premium products that continue the legacy that it started.

Aside from its Traditional or Classic Paint selection that made Sinclair one of the world’s pioneer and trusted brands, Sinclair highlights its innovation with its modern technology paint system, from oil-based to water-based paint and universal colorants.

“We’re delighted to bring back the brand that provided beauty, protection, and comfort to many Filipinos over the past years. With Sinclair’s new line of products – from oil-based to water-based – customers can assure continued premium quality products that will last for a long time while keeping the environment safe and sound,” Mr. Derick Tan, Founder, and CEO of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc., the company that manufactures Sinclair in the Philippines.

Sinclair’s new generation of paint products highlights its waterproofing innovation that made the paint system more economical, easier to apply, and durable. Inspired by the beauty and long-lasting capability of nature, these new generation paints are made suitable for the tropical weather system in the Philippines on top of the climate change we’re experiencing:

Natica Waterproofing Paint – Inspired by the abundant marine shells in the Philippines, this waterproofing paint possesses marine shells’ thick and smooth features that represent durability and protection. Made of modified pure acrylic paint, this latest innovation of Sinclair is used as a water-proofer, primer, sealer, and top coat making it more cost-efficient than the traditional method of waterproofing and painting exterior walls.

Armadillo Polyurethane Paint – inspired by the New World placental mammal, this Armadillo Polyurethane Paint is the first water-based PU Paint in the Philippines takes pride in being a tough and flexible paint just like an armadillo skin. Recommended for use on high-rise buildings to avoid frequent repainting or costly paint over because of its durability.

Tamago Cleanable Interior Paint – Sinclair’s take on the sheen of an egg – or Tamago (卵/玉子) in the Japanese language – is made to provide a sleeker yet manageable look for home and establishment’s interiors. Made to provide a clean and cleanable look, its simple yet calming effect is achieved with its balance of flat and glossy while protecting your walls or hiding wall imperfections.

Taro Silicone Paint – This is the first silicone paint in the country. With the wet season taking over almost half of the year in the Philippines, rainwater has become one of the main reasons why paint fails to protect many homes and establishments. With Sinclair’s Taro Silicone Paint, families and establishments can have peace of mind any season due to its impregnating capabilities. Impregnation happens when the paint penetrates through the pores of the substrate thus enhancing its adhesion. It also has high-performance formula creating high-vapor permeability that allows water vapor to escape from the surface, avoiding the build-up of algae and fungus that cause paint to peel off. This paint is suitable for structures located in highlands, beside seashores, and in areas where wall moisture is present.

More Options to Choose From

Aside from the New Generation paints, Sinclair also levels up its Classic Paint selection which ranges from oil-based to water-based paints that provide equal beauty and protection to various surfaces.

Ligno – this waster-based wood primer is ideal for priming, sealing, and filling wooden substrates that help prevent tannins and stains. An eco-friendly product, this paint has low odor, low volatile organic compounds, and is non-toxic.

Rhino – for those metal surfaces, this Sinclair water-based metal primer and top coat provide a two-in-one purpose that saves time and money. This paint has excellent corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor applications, ideal for new or weathered galvanized metal, steel, and aluminum roofing surfaces, properly prepared or treated ferrous metal, garages and fences, machines and industrial equipment, pipelines, and tanks.

Cascara – for multi-surface paint, the Sinclair Cascara is an eco-friendly, high-gloss, low-odor, water-based paint ideal as a topcoat for wood, metal, and concrete on interior and exterior areas.

Sinclair is also sparking more colors to its Filipino customer through its colorants products that are made to provide good color retention without losing the glossiness of the base paint. Along with its New Generation paints, Sinclair is also launching Chameleon Colorant, which is dubbed as the universal colorant that gives accurate blend and color preference. Chameleon Colorants are specially formulated using special types of chemicals and pigments to ensure that they can blend homogenously either with water-based, solvent-based, or epoxy-based type of paints.

“With more Filipinos enjoying DIY home projects, Sinclair paint products that are highly recommended by professionals are made to spark creativity and freedom, while providing protection, peace of mind, and value to Pinoy’s hard work and money,” Mr. Tan concluded.

The return of Sinclair Paint in the Philippine market was officiated during the PHILCONSTUCT 2022. For more details about Sinclair’s products, you may visit https://www.magnaprime.com.ph/product-category/sinclair.

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