29 January 2023


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Teaching web design principles in SPACE

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Web Design classes in SPACE #csb #space #professionalsinschool

Tomorrow I will be teaching web design principles in SPACE for the new term.  SPACE is an acronym for the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the De La Salle College of St. Benilde.  Given my experience last term with SPACE students (most or all of whom have regular jobs and are just enrolled for additional knowledge) I have decided to simplify the syllabus some more.

This is a modular class we only meet for 6 consecutive Saturdays.  Teaching web design principles in space for six hours in six consecutive Saturdays is not an easy thing to do.  For one thing, there is only so much information the normal human mind is able to process in a day.  Ever since I was informed two days ago that I was going to be assigned this class I have spent a lot of time adjusting the lectures and activities to give the SPACE students the most information in a manner that they would be able to absorb better and, at the end of the day, they will feel that they have learned something useful and, they will not feel frustrated that they are unable to do the work required.

More or less I will be dividing the lectures and activities this way where each number will stand for the week/meeting:

  1. web basics and design principles
  2. designing with tables
  3. designing with css and divs
  4. content writing and assembling assets
  5. applying css navigation and spry assets
  6. using image viewers

Although the class is just 6 meetings I will request for a 7th meeting where my students will be required to present their final project to a panel.  Last term I had 4 students.  2 passed, 1 gave up, and 1 failed miserably.  I hope the statistics will be better this term and that we have better numbers.

fingers crossed

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