25 February 2024


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Snow Balled by Stephanie Brother

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Snowballed by Stephanie Brother was everything I hoped for! Compared to her other reverse harem books, Snowballed is more innocent and exploratory, which hits the mark perfectly considering Sierra’s personality and unpleasant life experiences.

Visualizing that scene when Sierra first sees Carter stepping out of the steamy bathroom in just a low-slung towel made my jaw drop. Her playacting sesh with Drew was just adorable, and her bouncing off ideas with Tristan was refreshing! The attraction was apparent from the start, especially with Drew who is the most approachable.

I liked the fact that the three men are not in the biz … to me, this meant liberation for Sierra later, and she would have the opportunity to decide to do what she wants rather than have people tell her what to do all the time.

Their first time together was just so beautiful it made me sigh. It was perfect! The entire scene was romantic and gentle while still managing to be very sensual and lip-bitingly hot!

Later when they are officially together, their encounters are all implied, rather than explicitly described. For anyone who is being introduced to the concept of reverse harems for the first time, this is a good story to start with as you don’t get slapped in the face with sex, sex, sex!

Snowballed is gentle and loving … and will get a reverse harem virgin curious about the other characters introduced who appear in this book. And, perhaps, will get him/her/them to read the rest of the Roommates series.

Grab your copy of Snow Balled by Stephanie Brother on Amazon. If you’ve read Snowballed and are hungry for more, you can read a bonus chapter about Sierra and her yummy men here.

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