25 February 2024


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Puppy Madness by Flora Ferrari

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For idealistic girls, Puppy Madness by Flora Ferrari is a “wish fulfillment” story. Most girls grow up dreaming of meeting the man of their dreams, falling in love at first sight, and living happily ever after. That’s essentially what this story delivers in a nutshell except for a few critical points.

First, Dominic is 21 years older than Danni. Second, Dominic is the father of Danni’s best friend Elizabeth. Dun dun dun DUNNN!

Danni’s been in love with Dominic for many years, ever since she was in high school but knowing that he is her best friend’s dad and the fact she was only 16 were great deterrents to her even seriously thinking about pursuing anything. Add to that the fact that she left the country with her mom so she didn’t get to spend time with Elizabeth for several years.

She returns to live and work in the U.S. now that she is 19 and finds herself living with Elizabeth and Dominic in their house. From the moment Dominic saw her he found himself instantly attracted, not realizing who she was.

Since this is not a shifter romance, it felt weird to read Dominic’s possessive mated bond thoughts and actions. I mean, he just laid eyes on her and he was already claiming her and thinking about having babies with her. Romantic for wolves, but kinda creepy for regular humans.

The story goes on to show how they both struggle to fight the attraction as they are both worried about Elizabeth. Ultimately, though, since the author promised a HEA we already know they will definitely end up together. As a reader, I felt the need to keep reading just to know when they will finally give in to their passions and decide that their forever can happen.

I think what bothered me the most though is the description of Dominic. He is only 40 but he is described as a well-muscled silver fox. I don’t know how fast Americans age but over here we don’t usually turn grey at 40. It doesn’t even match the cover art.

Puppy Madness by Flora Ferrari is a story from the A Man Who Knows What He Wants series. If this kind of story is right up your alley you can get it on Amazon for 0.99 and free with Kindle Unlimited.

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