30 May 2024


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Power Drilled by Stephanie Brother

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Reading Power Drilled by Stephanie Brother was a surreal experience for me because it felt like I was reading my story. No, it isn’t because I’ve ever been with triplets (I wish!) but mainly because the female lead character and I have the same name. This made it easier for me to slip into her skin and be Penny as I was reading. Yes, I am embracing it!

The first scene in the book had me falling off my chair and my jaw hitting the floor in amazement. Way to grab our attention, Stephanie! And, yes, I get why her drawing of Jackson focused on a part of his anatomy she wouldn’t normally see in a man, lol!

That moment when I (I mean, Penny) meet the triplets together I think my heart was trying to pound out of my chest. My face was flushed and I was breathless just imagining hotness times three!

Thinking about that jerk, Jeff (the ex), who had the temerity to not only become my cousin’s boyfriend but to attend the wedding as her date makes my blood boil.  Good thing I have three good men who were willing to step up to the plate and be my fake boyfriend. Singular, yes. With all the work that needs to be done to meet their deadline, asking one of them to spend so much time with me at the wedding events is too much! But having 3 identical men pretending to be 1 man is perfect.

Reid, Jackson, and Hunter are just wonderful and perfect! Just like my namesake, I would not be able to choose between them. And, really, why choose at all? If reverse harems and triplet romance is your thing, then you should really check out Power Drilled by Stephanie Brother on Amazon. It’s $2.99 if you want to purchase it but with a Kindle Unlimited account, it is free!

These gentlemen made me feel so loved. Yup, still channeling the FMC.

You can check out the bonus content of Power Drilled by Stephanie Brother here. Power Drilled is book 8 of the Roommates series


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