25 September 2023


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My Body Swap With Candi by Jane Doe

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My Body Swap With Candi by Jane Doe is a part of the Forced Feminization series. It is only 49 pages long but is it worth $9.99 to buy? That is too steep (thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited) … especially considering that the story feels unfinished and rushed. Pixi gave Chris the same conditions but he somehow didn’t end up getting stuck in Candi’s body. Instead, our main character, whose name I don’t recall being mentioned, ends up swapping bodies with “Candi” and the former host, Chris, ends up in his.

So … what did Chris do differently that allowed him the opportunity to transfer to a new male body? I don’t think it is consistent with the rules and is unfair to the main character.

So after what Chris does intentionally after, our main character is now stuck in Candi’s body and that is it? She has no choice but to service men every 30 minutes for the rest of her life and just live with it. That’s it? End of story?

I don’t need a happy ever after. That isn’t necessary for every story. But it is necessary to go through all the steps of Freytag’s pyramid for it to be a GOOD story: exposition, initial incident, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, and denouement.

This story missed the last two. It just isn’t right. I feel cheated. This could have been more meaningful than just a parade of blowjobs and fucks.

Jane Doe has written so many better stories than this so while I did not enjoy this, I am not giving up on her yet. Read this if you have a KU subscription, otherwise, don’t bother getting it as you won’t get value for money. 🙁 ⭐⭐

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