Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016 Coronation Night

Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016 Coronation Night

Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016 will be crowned tonight!  For the last couple of weeks I’ve posted a couple of things about Mrs. Globe.  The first for Mrs. Bacolod Globe and then later the article that introduces the finalists for tonight’s event.

Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016 candidatesI had the pleasure of attending the media event where these 17 lovely women were introduced.  Along with the former winners they are a beautiful sight to behold.

Meeting the candidates for Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016

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During the event (where candidate number 1, Darlene Conde was not present) we were able to see them walk, pose, dance a little bit, and get to know the candidates a little better.  It was clear from the start that the media had favorites.  These were the candidates that were asked the most questions.  To be fair they mostly answered very well.  There may have been a fumble or two, but mostly they were forgivable.

Describe yourself in ONE WORD

Mrs. GlobeAt some point in the evening this lovely lady (Mrs. Globe 2013, Sheryl Lynn Baas, according to the Philippine Star) asked a question and addressed it to all the other candidates who were not addressed by the media.  This was her question … “if there was ONE WORD that would describe you, what word would that be and why?”

This took some thought.  Even I, though not a contestant, had to stop and think … what if I had been asked that question?  Many of the candidates answered well enough but the one that almost made me choke on my spit was the one that said she could not come up with one word but rather a phrase and the phrase she gave was (drum roll, please) … BREAST FEEDER. 

Jaw hit table.  Breast feeder?  Seriously?!?  And, her reason … because she was literally just breast feeding just before stepping into the venue for the event.  So, of course, my next action was to look down at her chest and I noticed she was small breasted which made me wonder if she had enough milk for her baby.

Ok, ok … That might have been mean.  And maybe she just couldn’t think of anything else by the time it was her turn to speak.  But, it also displayed to me that this lady was not good at following instructions … neither was she graceful under pressure … because if I were a judge (which I’m not) that was a big misstep.

Nova Christine dela Cruz

Dr. Nova Christine dela Cruz, Dermatologist
Dr. Nova Christine dela Cruz, Dermatologist

The candidate I am rooting for is number 15, Dr. Nova Christine dela Cruz.  I have known Chris for about 17 years.  She was my gym buddy, was and is my dermatologist, but more importantly, she is my friend.  I am very picky about my friends so for me to call her that means that she has a wonderful heart … and is truly beautiful inside and out.

She told me months ago that she was joining the competition but it completely slipped my mind until I saw her step out in that lovely blue dress.

Genevieve Uy
Genevieve Uy

Genevieve Uy

Another candidate who I thought was beautiful and was able to answer the questions properly was number 12, Genevieve Uy.  If my memory serves me correctly she is a “plain” housewife with a doting husband.

I wanted to interject at that point that there is nothing “plain” about being a housewife because it is the most difficult job of all. 🙂

Pageant Night

Tonight the audience will be witness to our lovely ladies in swimsuits, dancing, beautiful gowns, dancing, intelligent answers to thought-provoking questions, dancing … and did I say dancing already? 😀

Who will take home the crown of Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016 and will go on to represent the country in Hainan, China for the Mrs. Globe 2016 competition?  Your guess is as good as mine and in just a few hours we will know.

Special Awards

Aside from the coveted Mrs. Philippines Globe title, candidates will also vie for the coveted Woman of Substance title alongside other special awards such as:

  • Achievement of the Year
  • Best Talent of the Year
  • Career Woman of the Year
  • Charity or Advocacy of the Year
  • Darling of the Press
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Husband of the Year – which, I suppose, will be awarded to the most loving husband of one of the candidates 🙂
  • Most Beautiful Face
  • Mrs. Body Beautiful
  • Mrs. Philippines Globe Classic 2018 – the latest addition to the special awards to be given to the chosen contestant between 45 to 55 years old
  • Most Elegant Woman
  • Personality of the Year
  • Solane Mother of the Year

Criteria for Judging

Candidates will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • 35% beauty charm and poise
  • 35% personality intelligence conduct
  • 30% figure

Mrs. Globe

About the Mrs. Globe Pageant

Founded in 1996, Mrs. Globe is one of the biggest international beauty pageants for married women and single mothers. It celebrates beauty and culture goodwill, tourism awareness, and charitable acts through pageantry and competition.

Mrs. Philippines Globe is presented by: Samsung Hall, Lucky Rainbow Makati, SM Tickets, Solane, and Bio-Oil. This pageant is organized by EVI Marketing Communications.

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