Just after I made some Korean Corn Dogs at home, my family spotted some frozen Korean corndogs at Waltermart. At less than 300 pesos for 10 pieces, this is pretty cheap and very convenient.


It tasted okay. It’s an instant thing so nothing earth-shattering. As with all corn dogs, you can add your favorite condiments to suit your taste. A quick snack, and one that everyone in the family enjoyed.

The pack we got was for the basic corndog. They may have other varieties and we will try them all (when we find them).


  • Inexpensive. It comes up to about 30 pesos per corn dog. That’s less than the current price if you buy from most stalls/stores.
  • Quick to cook. This is a just fry product. Takes just a few minutes to enjoy this treat.
  • No prep, no mess. – Nothing to do but heat some oil and eat when done.


  • texture – the bread came out a bit dry. I prefer my corndog to have a slightly softer feel.

Overall, I still think it’s okay. it’s something you can keep on hand if you love Korean Corn dogs and have no time to make it from scratch and can’t have it delivered.

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By Ginny Angeles

Ginny is a writer, editor, blogger, and ESL trainer. She’s also a bookworm, dog lover, and full-time WAHM (Work at Home Mom).

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