25 February 2024


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Never Say Werewolf Again by Violet Vaughn

2 min read

Never Say Werewolf Again by Violet Vaughn was such an enjoyable story to read! From the beginning an important fact is established … Brindle and Katie love each other. They were high school sweethearts. They loved each other so much that they felt that it would last forever.

Brindle is a werewolf. For once, a story about a regular werewolf … not an Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, etc. He discovers that the girl he has loved for a long time is his true mate.

Katie is human and when she discovers that Brindle is a werewolf she was ok with it and even asked him to turn her into one, too, so that they could be together forever. But somehow, after her first shift, she got scared and changed her mind, and ran away.

Brindle finds her again at university a year later because she is in heat. No matter how many men she goes through no one would be able to satiate her except for her mate. While things between them are still unresolved he is still there to help her.

Something to look forward to in this story … not a lot of angst but a good narrative. It is a quick read and entertaining. 🙂 Never Say Werewolf Again by Violet Vaughn is on Amazon and is the first book of the Winter Valley Wolves series. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE! The succeeding books are 2.99 a pop. If you enjoy this one you may end up getting the next books (like I did, lol!)

Enjoy this freebie!

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