10 June 2023


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Me, My Mate, and His Human Girlfriend by Annietroup1

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I opened Me, My Mate, and His Human Girlfriend by Annietroup1 on Goodnovel despite heavy reservations just to give the author a chance. From the title, I was assuming this is either a rejection story or a menage. Early heads up, it is (apparently) neither.

I like giving new stories and authors I encounter a chance. I actually recall adding this book to my library a while back but never got around to properly reading it because the first chapter did not engage me.  To be honest, usually if the first chapter bombs, there is very little hope for me to like the succeeding chapters any better. To give the author the benefit of the doubt I decided to revisit it and read on.

First, the premise … Amanda (Mandy) is 19 and this is her 3rd year looking for her mate so she was not optimistic. At the party, she discovers that her mate is Alpha Mason and she immediately “nods her head no” (this tells me the author is Asian because in other cultures a nod means yes). It is common knowledge that Mason has a human girlfriend of long-standing (10 years) and has openly stated that he would not be leaving her for his mate.

Despite that, he still insists on taking her back to his pack. She rejects him but he does not reject her back saying that doing so will make him weak. In addition, he hides her away in the east wing of his house, isolated from everyone, and goes on with his life as if she was not there. The only change being he visits her every night to talk to her since his wolf insists.

In the meantime, he still maintains a physical relationship with his girlfriend every night which causes Mandy excruciating pain, needing the intervention of the pack doctor every night. Mandy is angry, infuriated even. After a bout of violence (against any object in her sight) she slowly degenerates.  it takes her FIVE YEARS OF SUFFERING to finally decide to just end her life.

FIVE FUCKING YEARS!!! She allowed Mason to hurt her intentionally every day and it took her FIVE YEARS to realize that killing herself was the best thing to do since she can’t get help from anyone else. And when she does and is spotted by the doctor who then rushes to the hospital bleeding that is the only time that Mason realizes what a dickhead he is … after he intentionally (and I mean, told her to her face that was exactly what he was going to do) hurt her by having sex with his human girlfriend that entire time.

It takes Mandy almost dying for him to decide to dump his girlfriend of 15 years now to be with his mate. WHERE IS HIS BACKBONE?!? If he truly loved his girlfriend that much he should have rejected Mandy from the start and marked the human, not made Mandy suffer for FIVE FUCKING YEARS! If he believed that the Moon Goddess knew best then he should have done that mind wipe thing to the human and be with Mandy from day 1 of finding her.

So far, I have read all the free chapters and bought a few (I am now on chapter 9) and I am most definitely NOT liking this story. Both male and female lead characters are idiots and their story should not be told. Also, I am unhappy with the author’s grammar. Girl, hire a copy editor, PLEASE! Stat!

If despite my thumbs-down review you are still curious and want to get tortured for yourself (hyuk!) you can find Me, My Mate, and His Human Girlfriend by Annietroup1 on Wattpad and Goodnovel. Fyi, I rarely give an outright thumbs down so this should tell you how much this book angered me.

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