25 September 2023


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Magic Transformed by DJ Dalton

2 min read

Magic Transformed is book 4 of the Twisted Curse series by DJ Dalton. It is action-packed from page 1. If you haven’t read the first 3 books it may be difficult to follow the story. But if you change your perspective and think of it as a non-linear story then as you read, it starts to make sense. I think of it as something like watching Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction for the first.

The story is set in a world much like ours except with the strong presence of magic. So imagine elementals, dragons, shifters, and magic users.  Now add to that the police, doctors, reporters, and a gamut of other government agents.

What elements will you find in this story?

magic ✔
curse ✔
mystery ✔
fight scenes ✔
betrayal ✔
love interest ✔

The story is fast-paced and engaging! If you are a fast reader like me, then you could read it in a day. To fully appreciate the story, I highly recommend starting with book 1. If you would like to read the entire series, it is available on Amazon Kindle. You can read it for free with an Amazon Kindle Unlimited (KU) account. That’s what I do.

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