25 February 2024


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It All Started with a Dare by Seunpeace

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I have such mixed feelings about It All Started with a Dare by Seunpeace. For starters, let me say right now that I really want to like it. It is a young adult/teen romance, which usually means that it is fairly innocent. So far, the sexual undertones are very low, phew!

As I am reading this I can’t help but think about popular teen movies that may have served as inspiration for this story. Top of mind was 10 Things I Hate About You, a retelling of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew which starred Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. There are more, I am sure, but that was the first to get stuck in my head. 🙂

Jade transferred to this school just to finish high school. She is described as nerdy, boyish, and quiet. From day 1 she gets harassed by this cheerleader, Athena. To be honest I can’t remember how it started but for most of the book, it is to warn her off Kayden, Athena’s boyfriend … which was weird since she didn’t even know who he was.

Kayden is the hot, popular boy and Athena’s boyfriend.  Early in the book he starts to show interest in Jade and seeks out ways to be close to her.  This annoyed me because he didn’t even have the delicadeza to break things off with Athena first, but whatever. My question is … what’s the catch?

So much teen drama, it’s cliche, but I did derive some enjoyment from reading it (the story is still ongoing), and while my tolerance for bad grammar and spelling is better now I must admit that it still makes me flinch … especially when it hits me in the face at just about every page. sigh

I think it is safe to assume that English is not the author’s first language but that excuse can only go so far because there are apps and websites that can already help with that.

To date, there are 66 chapters to It All Started with a Dare by Seunpeace on Goodnovel and I’m only on chapter 34 and the status is still “ongoing”. I’m trying to stay optimistic as I read this as it isn’t all that bad (if you can get past the grammar issues). If you are in the mood for some teen drama, check it out on Goodnovel.

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