23 June 2024


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Inked 8 by Stephanie Brother

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I first read Inked 8 by Stephanie Brother in March of 2022, and it is by far (to date) my favorite of all of Stephanie’s books. Some stories come close, but for some reason, this is the story that I can’t help but read over and over. And then, just yesterday, the audiobook version came out on Audible. To say I got excited would be an understatement, lol! I was curious to see if it would read aloud the same as it sounds in my head.

Good news, it is even better! I’m definitely a convert and am loving audiobooks now.  However, I’ve found that I enjoyed the story more BECAUSE I’ve already read it. I tried listening to a book I hadn’t read before, and my attention wandered.

The story of Inked 8 is possibly one of the hottest stories I’ve ever read … not because of all the men in the reverse harem, but because of all the kinks. Talk about fantasies, phew! The book gave me palpitations, and the audiobook made me swoon! Kudos to the great voice actors Connor Crais and Melanie Hastings! I loved it so much!

What is Inked 8 all about?

The story of Inked 8 revolves around Kayla, a young woman who applied for a job as an administrator at Inked Factor, a tattoo shop owned and managed by eight friends – Carl, Kase and Kole (twins), Dex and Lex (twins). and Nash, Niall, and Noah (triplets). Yes, Stephanie Brother loves her twins and triplets!

As the story progresses, they all embark on a journey of sexual discovery (for Kayla) when Dex proposes a game where she dates each of them once and they each let her experience their kink. While each date is so hot it leaves her (and me!) cross-eyed, each time it leaves Kayla conflicted as she finds herself developing feelings for all eight of them.

How kinky can it get?

Voyeurism, light BDSM, exhibitionism, food play, are just a few of the kinks they explored. Maybe it is an extension of my own kink, but I was transfixed with this story. I couldn’t stop reading it when it came out last year, and I couldn’t stop listening to the audiobook when it came out as well. Add in Connor Crais’ voice in the mix and swoon I’d be surprised if there will be dry panties while listening to this audiobook, especially during the steamy scenes.

I know I will be listening to this story (or excerpts of this story) over and over again, but with the buds on.  I can’t have everyone in the house hearing my smut, lol! Inked 8 by Stephanie Brother is available on Amazon in Kindle, Audible, and Paperback format, free with a Kindle Unlimited account.

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