23 February 2024


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Huge Deal by Stephanie Brother

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Huge Deal by Stephanie Brother has left me breathless! Talk about hot! It starts off innocently enough until Kain, Blake, and Dalton Nowak accidentally walk in on Gabrielle just as she was pleasuring herself, mistaking her cry of passion for a cry of distress.

All three brothers have been attracted to Gab for quite some time but hesitated to pursue anything because of their best friend, Travis, who happens to be her older brother. After walking in on Gab the thought of being with her grew in their minds and all three (together) decided that they would offer to “service” her in exchange for home-cooked meals. To their surprise, Gab agreed.

Gab is a young woman with a hearty sexual appetite. She, herself, has been greatly attracted to all three brothers and could not pick one over the other. This was a fact she wrote in her diary when she was younger that her annoying brother revealed to them … which was actually a factor in their decision. When the Nowak brothers made the deal with Kain as their spokesperson, it didn’t take long for Gab to accept. After all, it seemed like an answer to a prayer.

I love how Gab and the Nowak brothers expressed their desires from the beginning and it was apparent (to us) that there was more going on than sex, despite Gab pretending otherwise.

Every page turn had me alternately giddy or salivating and the thought of these 3 huge men makes me swoon … Kain with his athletic physique, Dalton with his jaw-dropping muscles that look like he could lift a truck, and Blake with his sexy ink and stimulating piercing … I just kept waiting for Travis to arrive to ruin their fun. I haven’t even mentioned the parents yet. Oh! I just had to cover my eyes waiting for the train wreck.

There is nothing tentative about Huge Deal. This is a book you will not want to read while you are out in public. Wet panties are inevitable, lol!

Huge Deal by Stephanie Brother is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions. Read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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