30 May 2024


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Her Forbidden Alpha by Moonlight Muse

2 min read

Her Forbidden Alpha is the story that started it all for me with Moonlight Muse. The title intrigued me, I was curious about exactly how “forbidden” this would be. Thankfully it is a relationship between steps that didn’t really grow up with each other so, as far as taboo goes, it was acceptable to me, if not to the people around them who see them as siblings.

As I was reading it I couldn’t help but get excited by the naughtiness of their “questionable” relationship. Constantly worrying about their parents’ reactions made the situation more intense.

In my opinion, the mate bond manifesting validated their relationship. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought because their relationship was Goddess-blessed!

And this is just the first book in the Alpha Series! You can find this story in Goodnovel and on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

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