23 February 2024


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Happy hands and feet at Nail It! Rockwell

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Mommy-daughter dates are always fun and one really fun way to spend it is by having our nails done at Nail It! Salon.  I’ve visited Nail It! Salon at Fisher Mall in the past and when my daughter and I got invited to Nail It! at Rockwell Business Center last May 15 I just couldn’t say no. 🙂  So off we went on the day set to have happy hands and feet.

Where is Nail It! Rockwell Business Center?

Nail It Salon Rockwell Business Center
Nail It Salon Rockwell Business Center

The email we were sent said that Nail It! was located beside Banco de Oro.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Our Grabcar dropped us off in front of Krispy Kreme and we looked around and could not see any Banco de Oro.

Closer inspection showed a BDO ATM in the building.  We walked a bit more around the building and saw another BDO ATM and no Nail it! in sight.  A few meters more and, voila!  There’s Banco de Oro!  Guess what?  Still no Nail It.

Out of frustration we asked a building guard and he pointed us way over at the back of the building.  And what do you know?  There it was!  Surprise, surprise … no Banco de Oro there.  When we asked the staff of Nail It! about this they said that BDO USED to be beside them but has recently moved.

But once you know where it is, you can’t miss it.  It is right beside their sister company, Lay Bare Waxing Salon. At the right is a map showing exactly where it is.

When we entered we were met by a welcoming staff of Nail It! and, for the blogger event, a table with finger food and a venue bedecked with streamers.

Pampering time!

They led us to some comfy chairs on the floor and we were excited to start. 🙂 When getting a mani-pedi we usually get the pedi first and this usually starts with a warm soak.  Unlike other nail salons (and even some branches of Nail It!) this branch has sinks installed right at the foot of each easy chair.  That’s so cool!  It means the technicians do not need to lug tubs with warm water back and forth across the salon.

Soaking my feet in warm water is always a wonderful experience.  The foot spa that followed involved a scrub and a massage.  At the end of the treatment what we’re left with is happy feet, yey!  Those are Erika’s feet, by the way.

Once the feet were done it was time for the hands.  It’s actually been at least a month since we’ve had a manicure so we were quite looking forward to having sexy hands again. 🙂

A cleaning, a buffing, apply the color, quick dry, and voila! Check out Erika’s hands.  Aren’t they beautiful?

shooting starAs for me?  I opted to have some nail art done.  They showed me their samples to choose from and, as I am not a flora and fauna kind of person all their choices made me go “meh”.  So I picked up my phone and searched online for interesting nail art and I found this really cool shooting star nail art on Pinterest.

I think my nail attendant, Angel, did a good job of copying it.  It’s not an exact copy but it is good enough.  I’m happy with it.  We used black, silver, and grey Orly nail polish.

Happy hands, happy feet, happy bloggers!

These are the bloggers (including us) that were there at the blogger event.  I could be wrong but we all look happy with our mani-pedis. 🙂

bloggers at nail itNext time you are in the area consider a visit to Nail It! Rockwell Business Center and have happy nails like us.

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