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After months of deliberation, we finally decided to terminate our PLDT MyDSL and our PLDT landline.  In the beginning, we were hesitating because:

  1. we’ve had our PLDT account for 40 years
  2. PLDTs My DSL was not so bad

In the past week or so, though, the service has gotten so bad that it was no longer forgivable.  At first, I thought it was the wireless router so I switched to the regular router.  But when even that didn’t work I tried connecting my laptop directly to the modem.  For 10 minutes the connection was just ok.  Torrents were downloading at 80 kbps, but shortly after the download dropped to 8 kbps and would not go back up.

I thought, maybe I just have to reboot the laptop and the modem, so I did.  It gave me another 10 minutes of okay connection then zilch.

I tried calling their customer service hotline but it was always busy and I have not been able to talk to anyone in all this time.  This makes me think that they must be having lots of problems with many subscribers at the moment.

sky broadband logoConsider, if you will, that Sky has been wooing us for months to shift to Sky broadband.  With this latest development, we decided to take Sky’s 15-day trial.  If Sky performs as promised then saying goodbye to PLDT will be a no brainer.

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