9 February 2023


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Four Nights by Stephanie Brother

3 min read

Four Nights by Stephanie Brother is a love story. Autumn never imagined that a girl like her, an inexperienced virgin, could attract four men. She also never imagined herself attracted to or involved with more than one man. But I guess that’s just what happens to some special people at Four Points.

When Autumn’s roommate hires a stripper to “devirginize” her, this was so wrong … especially since she had no idea about it.  But this bad judgment by her roommate led to her meeting and later becoming involved with four wonderful men.

Four very different men who are all somehow connected even before meeting Autumn:

  • Garrett, Autumn’s co-worker and friend who she has had a secret crush on for a long time
  • Trevor, the playful dancer/stripper from Club Red quickly puts her at ease with his quick wit and mischievous smile
  • Adrian, sensitive and sinfully attractive, is also a dancer/stripper at Club Red
  • and Duke, impressively imposing, the bouncer at Club Red, who makes Autumn feel safe and secure.

Four Nights by Stephanie Brother is a story of innocence and sexual exploration. I was in awe at how sensitive the men were to Autumn’s needs and each other. Garrett, who like Autumn, started this as a virgin, too, had hesitations, mostly because of societal expectations. Somehow, though, every experience with Autumn just felt right … even when their “explorations” into sex without intercourse were never alone. First with one other, then two, then three other men.

This is a reverse harem so none of the men are into each other … it is all four men worshipping one lucky woman … Autumn. As the story progresses all we feel is love, love, love.

This book made me smile. Perhaps because of Autumn’s innocence, the love scenes in Four Nights are not as “smutty” as in other reverse harem books. Even with 4 men, there isn’t ever that feeling of being overwhelmed but I am sure that Autumn was going through sensory overload.

You can get a copy of Four Nights by Stephanie Brother on Amazon. The Kindle version will be available on November 8, 2022, but you can already get a paperback copy now.

After reading this book you can read the bonus content here.

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