25 February 2024


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Five Country Singers’ Betrothed by Nicole Casey

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I’ve read quite a few books written by Nicole Casey and Five Country Singers’ Betrothed is not my favorite. First of all, the title gives away the ending. Second, the five men in the story are actually the five members of a country music band called Amos and the Collectibles and the one who is actually a (famous) country singer is the female lead character, Delilah. In the band, Amos is the lead vocalist and the others occasionally do backup so we can’t really call the band “country singers”.

A good story always has a conflict of some sort and in this story, the conflict is with one of the members of the band, Ryder, who is Delilah’s first love who broke her heart. In the present timeline, Ryder has a girlfriend and their love is unrequited. In the meantime, Delilah finds herself attracted to the other gorgeous men in the band … Amos (lead vocals), Carson (rhythm guitar), Jesse (bassist), and Wyatt (drummer). Thankfully for her, her feelings are returned.

We can more or less know how the story will develop at this point as Nicole Casey’s books are always HEA. You know what they say, though … the journey is more important than the destination. Delilah’s love journey could be more exciting.

As far as the love scenes are concerned, it didn’t seem to matter which man she was with they all had the same pattern that it does not seem like she is with 5 different at all. I would have assumed each one would have even a slightly different approach depending on personal preference. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting acrobatics, but probably a little more creativity in how she could conceivably be with 3, 4, or 5 men at the same time.

The redeeming factor of this book is how it spent a lot of time showing us the creative process of collaborating on a song … music, lyrics, and laying down the tracks. I thought that was a good insight into how the recording industry works that does not focus on the glamour of the job.

Five Country Singers’ Betrothed by Nicole Casey is the 4th book of the Love by Numbers 2 series which you can find on Amazon for $2.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

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