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Experience Global Travel Cuisine at Epilogue

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Epilogue S Maison

Epilogue S Maison

They say every great meal takes you on a journey to a new destination.  In many ways, this is true for the patrons of Epilogue, the newly opened Fine Bistro at S Maison. It takes every diner on a culinary experience that highlights the best of global travel cuisine.

Epilogue dining areaEpilogue is a concept rooted in kodawari, the Japanese dedication to craft and mastery.  The brand collaborated with several experienced chefs who all practice kodawari and have trained extensively in different parts of the world to become masters in their chosen culinary specialty.

The brand, which takes its name after the conclusive chapter of a book, stays true to the meaning of an epilogue. It is the platform where every one of the Japanese chefs showcases the culmination of his culinary journey.

Each chef is a master of his own craft, and they all work together to complete Epilogue’s thoughtfully curated menu.

Chef Tomohide Ono

Chef Tomohide Ono of Epilogue
Chef Tomohide Ono

Head baker Tomohide Ono, who has been a pastry chef for 20 years, is the brain behind the new bread and pastry recipes.  He has worked in famous bakeries in Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

With his new bread creations, Ono takes on the challenge of pleasing the Filipino palate.

Chef Hayato Mitsuhashi

Chef Hayato Mitsuhashi of Epilogue
Chef Hayato Mitsuhashi

Chef Hayato Mitsuhashi, on the other hand, specializes in Italian cuisine.  He has trained extensively in various Italian restaurants in Japan, Indonesia, and Italy for over 14 years.

His training in Umbria, Italy is what inspired him to create new gnocchi, risotto, and pasta dishes for Epilogue, using only the best and freshest ingredients.

Epilogue also has two outstanding Chef Directors, Chef Kenji Ishihara and Chef Minoru Sorimachi.

Chef Kenji Ishihara

Chef Kenji Ishihara of Epilogue
Chef Kenji Ishihara

Chef Ishihara is an award-winning pastry chef who has 30 years of experience in France, Japan, and Indonesia.

The beautiful cakes offered in the restaurant are the product of his creativity and constant experimentation.

Chef Minoru Sorimachi

Chef Minoru Sorimachi of Epilogue
Chef Minoru Sorimachi

Dubbed as the Steak Master at Epilogue, Chef Sorimachi has over 20 years of experience working in well-known teppanyaki steakhouses in Japan, and now runs his own steakhouse in Jakarta, Indonesia.

At Epilogue, customers can now have a taste of his excellent steaks and sides created to suit the Filipino palate.

Completing the impressive line up is Chef Hiroyuki Meno, whose expertise lies in French cuisine. He has honed and perfected his craft working in various Michelin-starred restaurants such as the Domaine Les Haut Roches in Loire, France, Le Pont de Ciel in Osaka, Japan, and L’Auberge De L’ill in Tokyo, Japan. He was also the executive chef of Brasserie Paul Bocuse and one-star Maison Paul Bocuse in Tokyo.

Every step of the way, these chefs have immersed themselves in the techniques and flavors of every new country they explore.  Each culinary master seamlessly combines Western flair with Eastern care, taking diners on an exceptional gastronomic adventure—to be experienced where their stories intersect—at Epilogue.

Epilogue is a homegrown brand under the Food Revolution Group. To know more about Epilogue, go to www.epilogue.ph or visit Epilogue at G/F S Maison, Conrad Manila, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

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