9 February 2023


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Dirty Talk with My Dad’s Best Friend by Flora Ferrari

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Dirty Talk with my Dad’s Best Friend by Flora Ferrari is a fairy tale. Love at “first sight”, forbidden love, figurative dragons to slay, and a happy resolution.

Hallie (19) is a freelance video editor. Her father, Graham, is a doctor, her mom, Janine, is a nurse, and her sister, Lila, to a psychology student. For the last 2 years, she has had a secret crush on Hayden, her dad’s best friend, and only her sister knows about it.

Hayden (45) is an independent news correspondent. For the last 2 years, he was overseas and spent the last few months a prisoner of terrorists. Upon his return, he is invited by his friend Graham, Hallie’s dad, to come and visit.

Although Hayden has known Hallie since she was a baby, he was never attracted to her until he sees her as an adult for the first time during his visit. Uncharacteristically, he found himself tongue-tied and lost for words as he gazed at her.

A late-night encounter in the kitchen for a glass of water between Hallie and Hayden quickly becomes heated as one look between them sends their passions soaring … but no sex. The following day, they resolve to tell Graham about what happened because they don’t want to stop (and want to go further) but fate has other plans as Graham announces that he was leaving for the West Coast that same day for a month-long work trip.

Out of respect for Graham, since they haven’t spoken to him yet, they decided on no more encounters … just on the phone. I think phone sex can be super hot if both parties are really into it. It could make the next physical encounter that much hotter.

Things get really hot between the two and for both, it is not just about sex. From the get-go, they are both secretly thinking of marriage and family. I thought that was really fast (and unrealistic) but that is not to say it cannot happen. Hallie is only 19 and has barely lived let alone dated, but from the moment she had a crush on Hayden, she was already dreaming of happily ever after with him.

For Hayden at 45, it is probably partially a biological clock thing, but how many men see a woman and decide that they want to get her pregnant from the first moment they see her? He even “saves his seed” by choosing not to masturbate because he says “all his seed belongs inside her”. rolls eyes

It is a feel-good story so if you are looking for light, fast reading, this fits the bill. Dirty Talk with My Dad’s Best Friend by Flora Ferrari is the 311th book of the “A Man Who Knows What He Wants” series. It will be available soon on Amazon.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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