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Denying the Alpha by Teaganjayne

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I’ve been agonizing for two days on whether or not I should say something about this story, Denying the Alpha, by Teaganjayne. I started reading it on Dreame out of curiosity, mostly because it seems to be getting heavily promoted on Facebook and Instagram, and I figured that if they would promote it so much, then it must be good, right?

The blurb of the story, which is meant to attract new readers is interesting. After all, it got me to add the story to my library and start to read it. However, as I started reading it, I couldn’t help grimacing at the numerous grammatical and syntax errors in the story. Is it laziness or ignorance?

For example, “your” and “you’re”. While this is, perhaps, a common mistake. When done repetitively, I can’t help but think that the author just doesn’t know the difference at all. Another one is “defiantly” when what he/she/they mean is “definitely.”  Dear native English speakers out there, I’m sure you can agree with me that those two words mean something different entirely. And how about interchanged genders and misspellings such as “rom” instead of from?

How about dragged-out scenes and characters who don’t appear to have common sense and take so long to come to realizations? Sigh. Over time, I have become more tolerant of all that, but this is just too much. I can’t even properly enjoy the story anymore.

To give it a chance, I bought ten chapters and continued reading, optimistic that it would get better. So far, I am on Chapter Twenty-1, and the story has FINALLY moved forward. If a seasoned author had written this story, the point where it is right now would have happened in chapter ONE … chapter TWO at the most.

The story opens with the blurb as part of the first chapter then after a beat, it moves to the story. It is the birthday of Faith Huntress, the youngest daughter of the beta. Her wolf has not yet appeared, but she gets overwhelmed by this amazing scent and she knows it must be her mate. She follows the scent, and it leads her to the room of Declan, the Alpha’s son, who she finds balls deep in her elder sister, Samantha. She gets hurt, makes a sound, and runs away.

That evening, she shifts without the help of her mate or family, which means she was in a lot of pain when it happened, but she survived it. She keeps mum about finding her mate. Later the same day, she feels a stabbing pain in her chest, and when she goes to Declan’s room and sees him and Samantha in another sexual position, she faints from the pain.

They bring her to the hospital, of course, without telling anyone what really happened. Declan knew she was his mate, but some family trauma made him decide he would reject her.

Fast forward to when she is well enough to leave the hospital. Faith confronts Declan and finds out part of the truth, and in the end, she has no choice but to reject him, and he pushes her down the stairs while telling her she WILL be his mate.

Make up your freakin’ mind!!!

I’ve reached the point where her family and the doctor help her escape, and she has renounced the pack and the alpha of Crescent Moon, and all I can think is … FINALLY! I am also asking myself … is there any point in going on? So far, my sentiment is that this book is long-winded and takes too long to get to the point. What has been written in twenty-two chapters could have all been expressed in five chapters, tops.

I’m truly hoping that she does not end up with Declan because that would just be messed up. Give her a second chance mate! Should I even give this book a second chance?

If you want to read Denying the Alpha by teaganjayne to form your own opinion, you can find it on Dreame by clicking HERE.


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