18 August 2022


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Colgate and Palmolive: Household Names of the Filipino Family

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New innovations in oral and body care from Colgate and Palmolive

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Growing up Colgate and Palmolive are brand names that I’ve heard bandied about at the grocery and sari-sari store whenever people are buying soap, shampoo, or toothpaste. They’ve become such shopping staples that the use of these brand names has evolved.

The Evolution of Colgate

The word COLGATE. First, it was a proper noun and used to refer to the toothpaste brand, Colgate. Later people started to use the word “COLGATE” (noun) when referring to any brand of toothpaste in general. Then finally COLGATE became a verb. Moms and yayas would turn to the kids and ask them “nag-colgate ka na ba?” when they wanted to know if the kids have already brushed their teeth. 😀

Asin, as in!

The toothpaste product. From having just one kind, Colgate is now available in many variants the latest of which is Colgate Active Salt toothpaste.

When I first heard about Colgate Active Salt toothpaste my brain started to flash information about salt and its medicinal qualities and it tried to figure out why Colgate would come up with such an innovation. And then I thought about Colgate’s promise to the Filipino people … “to deliver superior oral care”.

According to Mr. Danai Sirisuvun, Senior Product Manager of Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, “Filipinos have a strong affinity with the traditional benefits of salt for oral care. Colgate Active Salt combines this natural ingredient with Colgate’s trusted formula. It is a unique and effective toothpaste perfect for the whole family to use for healthy gums and strong teeth, with regular brushing.”

Before this variant came out I’ve been using the one with activated charcoal. I’m giving this active salt a try to see how well it works.

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