25 February 2024


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Claimed by my Billionaire Ex by Ruby Emhart

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I feel like Claimed by my Billionaire Ex by Ruby Emhart is mistitled because even after reading the entire story I didn’t notice any “claiming” happening. It could also mean that I read so many paranormal books so “claiming” means something else to me entirely, lol!

I think the last line of the preview should be changed because it does not actually happen until the very end of the book so it is misleading and will not affect the story if it isn’t mentioned in the preview.

The best thing about this story is the POVs of Lucas. I think it would have been more interesting from his POV than from Olive’s. The author tries to give each character equal time to speak (so to speak) but I found Lucas’ POV more engaging and relatable.

What bothered me was that Lucas has a security firm whose company presumably employs hackers, why was it so difficult for him to trace Olive when she disappeared? Especially since she didn’t turn her phone off immediately and turned it on at predictable times since she called home. It just doesn’t make sense.

Also, Olive’s being hot and cold with her brother has me raising an eyebrow. After the revelation, I understand why, but until she knew of the deception … why? And where are their parents? Why does it seem like they are orphans?

Romance-wise, this story could probably do with more heat but the political intrigue, sex tapes, vote rigging, and hacking issues were interesting and made this an enjoyable book to read. Claimed by my Billionaire Ex by Ruby Emhart will be available on Amazon for only 0.99 on January 9, 2023, onwards. Pre-order if you think this is something you will be into.

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