12 April 2024


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Bite-Size Luna by Ashleigh Dana Burnell

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I started reading Bite-Size Luna by Ashleigh Dana Burnell out of curiosity, partly because I knew it was a prequel to the A Queen Among series but mainly because the title intrigued me.

Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess played by Renee O’Connor

The main character is Sorrell. In my head, I was visualizing Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess with the sais. She is diminutive in stature and an Omega, which means she has a wolf but cannot shift. But despite this, she is a warrior, trained by her dad, and wants to be a warrior for the pack. Her weapon of choice: sais. Sadly, their pack does not recognize Omegas as equals and is not included in training.

The new Alpha of the pack is Alden. He did not agree with many things his father, the former Alpha, imposed on the pack. He planned to make some changes, including warrior training for all, including children. He believes that the only way to be sure the pack is safe is if everyone in the pack has the basic skills (at least) to protect it – and the most vulnerable pack members, like the children, are always the ones more likely to get hurt.

He also wanted to change the prejudice his pack has against Omegas. Just because they are unable to shift does not make them any less than the others. Omegas are not servants or slaves. They are mutolupus just like everyone else. He spots Sorrell in the forest training in secret, mimicking the drills below, and is instantly attracted to her. In his heart, he feels she is his mate, but she is still too young to know it.

Ashleigh Dana Burnell’s world feels the same but different at the same time. This is mostly because of the different terms she used in place of the ones most people are used to. Where most authors would call fated mates simply “mate”, she called them “animai”. Where others would just say “werewolf”, she called them “mutolupus”.

I don’t think it is a big deal since authors can basically do whatever they want in their made-up world and as we read, we just get used to it. To be honest, I kept reading “animai” as “animal” so it often made me pause as it didn’t make sense.

Ashleigh Dana Burnell categorizes Bite-Size Luna as a “novella” as it is longer than a short story at 30 chapters. I’ve read shorter stories on Goodnovel but of a different genre.

Bite-Size Luna by Ashleigh Dana Burnell is fun to read. Set in the 70s, it has humor, romance, frustrating characters, new monsters, and unexpected friendships. You can find this jewel on Goodnovel. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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