25 February 2024


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Beyond Beta’s Rejection by Aisling Elizabeth

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When I started reading Beyond Beta’s Rejection by Aisling Elizabeth I already knew there would be a rejection. After all, it is right there in the title. But when it happens (and very early in the story) I was angry and appalled and shocked and … there were just so many emotions going through me, none of them good, that if I could, I would have climbed into the story and whooped Beta heir Colton’s ass.

When he later, at the prodding of the Alpha and Beta of the pack, decides to take back the rejection I was like, “Oh, hell no! We are NOT letting that jerk anywhere near us!” Fyi, in this book, I cast myself as Harper’s wolf.

I was glad when a plan was set in motion to allow her to escape and many years later she comes back a warrior woman … stronger, not easy to intimidate. When she finally meets her second chance mate, Alpha Ezra, it was complicated, to say the least. This is complicated by the fact that Colton, now the Beta, still wants her back.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” – Sir Walter Scott

Such an appropriate line to be used on all three of them. This story is exciting and action-packed. While the romance aspect is there, it isn’t really the main focus. If at all, it is, perhaps the motivation tool of the characters. This reads like a spy story, I loved it! I couldn’t put the book down and I finished reading it in a day. I swear you have to read it, too! You won’t regret it.

Beyond Beta’s Rejection by Aisling Elizabeth is the first book in the Divine Order series. You can read this on reading apps like Goodnovel or you can purchase it from Amazon in either Kindle or paperback.

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