23 June 2024


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Alpha Zander by V. Turner

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Alpha Zander by Vanessa Turner is a love story I would put in the young adult/teen section. It is set in high school where the main characters are both in their senior year.

Zander is the son of the current Alpha of the Charwood pack. He is popular and always has a bevy of she-wolves in his wake. Ashleigh is the daughter of the current Beta of the Liverpool pack and has been trained to replace her dad when the time comes.

Because of an old rivalry involving witches and spells and general misunderstanding, Charwood and Liverpool have been at each other’s necks for several generations. The school, though, is on neutral ground and they are forced to be civil to each other.

In V. Turner’s world, werewolves will not be able to sense their mate until both parties are at least 18 years old. While it is generally expected that they would wait for their mates, many wolves don’t. You can just imagine Zander’s dismay when he discovers that Ashleigh is his mate while he is making out with another she-wolf.

While there are events that happen to make this story more exciting, Alpha Zander by Vanessa Turner is essentially a love story and revolves around the evolution of Zander and Ashleigh’s relationship and the acceptance of their corresponding families and packs. It promises HEA with a cliffhanger on what will happen in the next book (which is actually quite intriguing).

This story is available on Goodnovel and possibly on other reading apps.

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