25 February 2024


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Alpha Theo by CJ Primer

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After reading Alpha Gray which was passionate and tempestuous, Alpha Theo by CJ Primer changes the pace to a slow burn. I thought it was awesome that no matter how much of a player Theo used to be Brooke had him tripping over his own feet without even trying.

All the retro music references brought me back and I couldn’t help but search for them on Spotify and make an Alpha Theo playlist. I wondered why they didn’t have Bluetooth portable speakers or earbuds to use but then I suppose the wired buds did force proximity on Theo and Brooke if they wanted to listen to something together. Btw, go to Spotify for the official Brooke’s Playlist created by CJ Primer.

Even though Fallon (from Alpha Gray) is Brooke’s identical twin their personalities are as different as can be.

My thoughts on the bike? Super hot! But I get Brooke’s fear when Theo would go fast … especially since she has that problem with her wolf.

You can get a copy of Alpha Theo on Amazon or you can read it on Goodnovel.

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