9 February 2023


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A Weekend with the Alpha by Glory Tina

2 min read

Some stories are written so well that even before I finish the book, I already feel compelled to post a review. A Weekend with the Alpha by Glory Tina is one such book.

It starts off with a major life event for Zera and her family. I questioned her decision, at first, because in her shoes I would not have been a part of the whole thing but as a storytelling tool, it works to build up the tension.

The first time she meets Aaron seems fortuitous and somehow, I could feel the sexual tension between the two. Despite what I have read being sexy and steamy between the two, it isn’t all there is to their story. There is intelligence and genuine interest in each other. I can’t wait for the part where Aaron reveals that he is a werewolf and an Alpha!

Did I forget to mention that Zera is human? Yup, she is so far. I’m only on chapter 12 so who knows? I can’t read further until I can gather or buy more coins. 😀

So far, this story is just sooooo good that I can’t put it down. I may need to exercise some patience as I can only read so far unless I buy more coins. 🙂

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