Seriously? Douchebag?

If I haven’t said this often enough let me say it again — I HATE blanket statements.

Someone I know recently said (jokingly, of course) that "DSLRs are for douchebags".  By inference that means anyone who owns or wants a DSLR camera IS a douchebag.

Let’s do the math:
DSLRs are for douchebags.
Professional photographers use DSLR cameras.
Therefore professional photographers are douchebags.

Does that mean that because I WANT to own a DSLR, by inference that makes ME a douchebag?  Or soon to be a douchbag?  I’m using a borrowed one now, does that make me a part-time douchebag?

I can’t help but wonder what kind of personal trauma he went through for him to even jokingly say that.  I mean, a camera is a camera whether it is an idiot cam (aka point and click) or an SLR, right?  And whatever kind of camera a person owns should not in any way affect a person’s personality, right?  Also, it should not follow that only a certain personality type would purchase a particular kind of camera, right?  So, why persecute a person for owning or wanting a DSLR by calling him a douchebag?

If a person is unpleasant to begin with, owning or not owning a DSLR has nothing to do with it.

Some camera facts …
In general, DSLR cameras take better pictures than point and clicks when photos are taken by the same person.  It is not fair to compare outputs if a different person took a pic on one camera and someone else on another.

However, having a DSLR does not guarantee a good photo.  The quality of the shot still depends on the skill of the person who took it … and at times, we get lucky and are able to capture that perfect shot.  No matter how good your camera is, if you do not know how to compose a shot (factoring in lighting, image framing, effect, etc.) it would not matter what kind of camera you use.

And then there’s good old photoshop.

That telephoto lens, that periscope-like flash, those filters, the hood … they don’t mean a thing.  They’re just fancy attachments.  Give the guy a point and click and if he can take a good picture with that then give him the DSLR and see if he can take a good pic with that, too. Given time to learn the camera, I’m sure he could.

So, seriously … are DSLRs for douchebags?  Or are there just douchebags out there whether they have a camera or not? DSLR or otherwise?