PadamihAnne sa CityMall raffle

PadamihAnne sa CityMall raffle

So many choices at Citymall!You have X days to win P100,000 cash with PadamihAnne sa CityMall raffle!

If you haven’t been paying close attention to my previous posts here and here, that’s ok. Participating in this raffle is easy!

Simply watch the newest TVC of Anne Curtis as she gleefully shows us all the wonderful, fun things to see and do at Citymall.  After watching it answer the question, “In the video, how many Anne Curtises can you see around the CityMall logo?”

Once you have the answer, simply register at to join! Sobrang saya at dali, diba? Do share this with your friends and make sure to use the hashtag #PadamihAnneSaCityMall.

This promo is brought to you by CitiMall, your everyday mall.

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