Gravitational Anomaly 5

Everytime I go to and from my kalimasada class in makati, I ride the train (MRT) and I’ve noticed that there is this spot that always seems to slow me down — literally!

I walk fast. Anyone who knows me and has walked with me knows that I walk fast. I walk like I am in a hurry to get somewhere, which I normally am. Not because I am late, but because I don’t like wasting time.

Right before heading up the escalator at GMA station, about 2 to 3 steps before, I always seem to slow down. You know what it feels like when you step on bubblegum? Well, that sensation but imagine your entire body getting stuck. For some reason every time I hit that spot, what would take me less than a second to pass would take me 3 seconds. It’s so weird. I thought it was just a fluke but it happens to me each and every time I pass THAT SPOT. If I walk to the left or right of it, I miss the flux.

The anomaly is such a small area … about a square foot, is all. But it is strong. But … do I sense it because it is strong? Or is it because my sensitivity has been heightened by kalimasada? Its hard to say. All I know is — I always go slow-mo over that one spot.

There is another anomaly at the steps on the northbound side of the station. For some reason, when you climb the steps that go from the 2nd level to the 3rd, it always feels like gravity is pulling you down
harder. The height of the steps is standard but on those steps … it is so difficult to lift your foot up to the next step. Again, I thought it was just me, until my mom commented on the same thing, so at least I know now that I am not imagining things. Since then, my mom and I would always take the elevator up.

Have you had a similar experience? Any gravitational anomalies in your area?

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