9 February 2023


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The Alpha and His Vet by Twyllie

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I read The Alpha and His Vet by Twyllie on Novelbee where it is called The Alpha’s Vet. I started to read this story because the title intrigued me. Why would an Alpha need a vet? Do they not have a pack doctor? Or maybe he only shows himself to her when he is a wolf?

Lacey Macoy is at university studying Veterinary Medicine and is at the top of her class. Her parents are surgeons and were disappointed that she didn’t want to pursue “people medicine”. She is very beautiful and often catches the eye of several men although she isn’t always aware of it.

Ronan Basco is a werewolf, but Lacey doesn’t know it. His mate passed away some time ago and upon meeting Lacey he was so enamored with her that he made the decision to imprint on her. In Twyllie’s world, an imprint is something like a chosen mate but more intense, as it has all the same manifestations as a fated mate, except the imprint is a conscious decision by the individual.

Luca Basco is no ordinary werewolf. He is the Alpha King, the Alpha of Alphas. He rules over all werewolves all over the world. He was vocal about never wanting a mate and yet the moment he smelled her from afar his fate was literally sealed. The fiercest, scariest werewolf of all became the most romantic and loving mate you could ever ask for.

Lacey met Ronan first and they have become close but her feelings for Luca are strong. Will she really have to choose? The Alpha and His Vet by Twyllie is a romance but it is also about friendship and a little bit of mystery to spice things up. It has a little over fifty chapters and is a pleasure to read.  There are more than a few grammar issues but forgivable. I hope her editor catches them before she publishes the story for print.

I loved it. I hope you get the chance to read it, too, either on Novelbee or Dreame.

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