26 March 2023


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Taming My Sexy Personal Assistant by HDallywrites

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I was going through Goodnovel for something new to read when I stumbled upon Taming My Sexy Personal Assistant by HDallywrites. The title intrigued me … was this going to be a male or female POV? Who is the personal assistant? While it is common for the PA to be female, it isn’t always the case.

Before I knew it I got sucked into the story because of how different the approach was. First of all, our lead female character, Skylar, is sexy as hell and loves sex. She shuns relationships and favors one-night stands once a week and never repeats. Our lead male, Luca, is a billionaire and Skylar’s boss. In contrast, he is a one-woman-man. He has not been involved with anyone casually or otherwise in months.

Circumstances lead to Skylar and Luca becoming more than PA and boss and the sexual tension is high as the story progresses. Getting involved is not as simple as it seems as Luca insists that if they start something, it will not just be a one-night stand and Skylar is wary of that.

Storywise, this is developing wonderfully, and it isn’t even completed yet! However, I must call out the author for being careless. Not only can he/she/they not keep track of character names (Skylar is sometimes called Luca) he/she/they also often lose track of who is talking and use the wrong pronouns a lot. He/she/they also tend to use BIG words that would make a reader call up a dictionary or Google just to figure out what it means. Sometimes we could figure it out based on context, but not all the time.

If you can get passed all of that, you should be able to enjoy this book. I admit that I find it annoying but I just keep a notebook handy where I keep track of all the stuff that makes my teeth ache referencing the chapter so I could revisit it later. Hopefully, later I can find the author on social media and we could converse online about this story.

Taming My Sexy Personal Assistant by HDallywrites is really steamy and the story development is pretty good! You can find this story on Goodnovel where it is categorized as a billionaire romance. This is a story worth printing on paper (after it has been proofread).

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