23 February 2024


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Silver Fox Secret Daddy by Ruby Emhart

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Age gap romances are “in” right now and Silver Fox Secret Daddy by Ruby Emhart is one such story.

Dr. Jensen Banks is a well-known heart surgeon. He is well-known for his skill in the operating room and in the bedroom. Panties fall when he walks into a room.  Yes, he is that hot. At 47, Jensen has it made … a successful career, any woman he wants, and no romantic relationship to tie him down. To the casual observer, Jensen has everything. And yet a memory of a passionate moment in the past often enters his thoughts and makes him wish for more.

Luna is an aspiring doctor who just got hired to intern at a hospital in Boston. An amazing encounter in Heathrow Airport’s VIP lounge restroom left her with memories of the best sex of her life and a baby she later named Eloise. Little did she know that her trip to Boston would bring her closer to her baby daddy.

Bring in the complication: Peter. He is Jensen’s best friend. He also happens to be Luna’s estranged father. Jensen talks to him often about “the one that got away”. Luna reconnects with Peter in an attempt to possibly build a familial relationship with him and talks about this man she is dating. None of them realize they are talking about each other.

I think I both love and hate Ruby Emhart at the same time because she makes me wish that men like Jensen actually existed in droves.  I mean, where are all these sexy silver foxes? Most men I meet who are in their 40s and up don’t seem to measure up to these book boyfriends. At the same time, it does make me smile to think of the “what if”. 🙂

Wait until you meet their uber-lovable daughter, Eloise.

This story was more interesting than I thought it would be. Are there funny moments? Yes. Are there parts that make me want to giggle like a schoolgirl? Yes. Are there scenes where I want to hit Luna at the back of the head? For sure. Are there steamy scenes guaranteed to make my eyes glaze? Absolutely! Am I telling you to read this book? Hell yeah!

This story shows us how love can change preconceived notions and push people to become better versions of themselves for someone else. Silver Fox Secret Daddy by Ruby Emhart is the fourth book of the Boston Billionaires series. Grab a copy now on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. With a Kindle Unlimited account, you can read for free!

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